Lent in Deutschland

The poster, German-style

Nuremberg poster, Deutsch-style

I’m cheating a bit, fudging the date on this post, so don’t feel like you’ve missed anything.

As you may have guessed from this post’s title, I have chosen Germany for this year’s Lenten slog. This will include cinematic Germans and representations of Germany, plus German films, all cooked up with sauerkraut as a combo platter.

This won’t be quite the same as “Lent in Casablanca” a couple years ago. Most of those posts were tied directly to “Casablanca,” be it critical analysis, assessing different viewpoints, creating different scenarios within the world of Rick’s Cafe Americain, even–perhaps most notoriously–inventing new characters (Testarossa Ferrari was invented; believe me, Annie the Soapmaker is 100% real), and mashing characters from other works into “Casablanca.” If nothing else, my Casablanca is probably the only place where Hermione Granger and Lisbeth Salander are lovers, and hang out with a real 21st century soapmaker and a bunch of people from a 1940’s film.

“Judgment at Nuremberg,” as an example, is a less-fun film than “Casablanca,” and in many ways, it’s more real–real-life isn’t always fun. Germans would never make “Tommy Boy.”

Many of these posts will tie to films you have seen–“Nuremberg,” “Inglourious Basterds,” even “Casablanca,” perhaps. Other films will be ones you haven’t seen, like “Wings of Desire.” (Everyone should watch “Wings of Desire”. Call off of work if you need to). Originally, I was going to limit this only to “Judgment at Nuremberg.” I decided to change it, to open it up to other films and other perspectives. Also, “Judgment at Nuremberg” is over three hours-long, so I’d be spending roughly a whole day watching it each week.

Anyway, as always, this an experiment, and I thank you for stopping by whenever you can. (Also, I’m glad I’m not Catholic, so I won’t go to purgatory for missing a night here and there 😉 (or for cheating, and saying this was written Ash Wednesday))

And thus, onward! Guten Nacht.


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