cx: A Couple Brief Notes

  1. The “cx” above is a secret message from Wind. I asked him what it meant, and he responded with a cryptic, “Mmm???” Then again, that’s how he responds to everything, except when I get home from work. When he hears me lumbering up the stairs, he joyfully starts swatting “that little spring thingy on the bottom part of the door and keeps the door from punching holes in your wall” (I know not it’s true name). Thus, I’m greeted with a welcoming “Whack-ack-ack-ack-ack,” which amuses the hell out of me, though it could annoy the neighbors.
  2. Anyway, Wind typed the “cx” above. As best I can tell, it means one of three things. First, it could be the Roman Numerals for 110. Maybe 110 means something world-critical. Second, it could be the suffix for web addresses located in the Christmas Islands. No joke. Third, he walked on the keyboard, and one of his fancy white paws happened to mash those two adjacent keys.
  3. I’m betting on the Christmas Island thing, personally. Hell, maybe there’s a correlation between a Christmas Island website and the number 110. He’s furtive like that.
  4. I mentioned a few days ago that I’d taken a long drive, wherein I was able to ponder stuff, and think about Indigo Girls, and laugh at how my imaginary young mentorees are named Amy and Emily, just like Amy Ray and Emily Saliers, from IG. What I didn’t mention was that after that nice drive, I went to my beloved Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market. This is not a full-blown Wal-Mart–I won’t enter one of those–but a 24 hour grocery store. I love mine. I like that it’s fairly small, and the people are friendly, from the stockers to the managers to the checkout people. Love ’em.
  5. Except that a couple weeks ago, they installed these infernal “self-checkout” lanes, and we are expected to use them. I wouldn’t mind this, except the fuckers never work. Also, I actually LIKED the people who checked and bagged my groceries. They were awesome! I wouldn’t let any of them enter my cave, but for people, they’re okay.
  6. So, that night, I had a machine that kept malfunctioning. I was nice the first time. By like the fifth time, I was…what’s the term, “Devil-Boom Voice f-bombing” the machine. I was angry and frustrated, and I allowed the few people in my vicinity to know this.
  7. I had to go shopping after work tonight. The manager from Sunday night was working, and I apologized for my behavior. “I’m very sorry I got loud and profane the other night, but I absolutely loathe those self-checkout things, and it finally pissed me off. That was no reason for me to be an obnoxious jackass, and I apologize.” He said, “Hell, I hate those damn things, too. They made us put ’em in, and I can’t stand ’em. Nobody likes them. That’s why I always try and have at least one person up here who can do checkout. If you come in, I’ll check you out myself.”
  8. Thanks Mr. Manager!
  9. Further to my Indigo Girls post the other night, I had a padded envelope from on my doorstep when I headed out to work. I didn’t have time to open it then, but I spent my night trying to remember if I’d ordered anything recently. Nope.
  10. The envelope contained this:
  11. There was no invoice. No note. Nothing. Just the Indigo Girls excellent cd, “Rites of Passage.” I played a few songs on 102.5, back when both it and I were cool, and I love it. Still…it’s a mystery.
  12. So, whoever sent me “Rites of Passage,” thank you very much.
  13. Thank you CX times. 😉
  14. Happy Tuesday, y’all.

7 Responses to “cx: A Couple Brief Notes”

  1. It would be even more beautifully mysterious if the padded envelope was postmarked from the Christmas Islands. But still pretty cool, whereever it came from.

    • It turned out to be the amazingly awesome Kelly. 🙂 She’s in Baltimore, though. I concur that it would have been cooler if she’d shipped it from the Christmas Islands.

  2. I’ll ask TK what he thinks about the mysterious cx. As another tuxie who likes to leave laptop messages, maybe he’ll know. Heck, maybe the message is for him.

  3. Go figure…a cat sending cryptic messages! 🙂
    Stringy-boy is my keyboard hogger around here. Or he just blocks the monitor with his lean purry furry self.
    How cool to get the IG cd!!!

  4. Wow, this is dredging up things from the depths of my tech memory. Seems to me “cx” is a Novell NetWare command, short for “context,” having to do with setting the part of the network directory that you’re working on. It is therefore my conclusion that Wind is a Novell-certified professional. 😉

    • Dud,e my inner-dork is totally high-fiving your inner-dork for knowing that. Being dorks, of course, they miss on the high-five, but still.

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