I’ve Moved!

I am no longer recuperating in Sarasota. I am back at my tomcave in St Petersburg. It’s the same address as before. If you need to send me anything, send it to my St Petersburg address.
If it went to the SRQ address, it’s no big deal–I mean, it can be forwarded or brought up, which would probably get me dinner out–but still…

E-mail me if you need the addy.



3 Responses to “I’ve Moved!”

  1. Congrats on being back home!

  2. The kitties must have missed you tons. Regards from me to Ana-Sofia Varga and Brother Wind.

  3. Well it’s a good thing I forgot the Sarasota address already. Hope Brother Wind remembers you.

    Drop me an email, will ya? I need to chat about things medical and you know the mostest about the particular chemicals.

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