HOLY CRAP!! Sally Ride was (gasp) A GAY!

I read a news story about astronaut Sally Ride, who passed away at age 61. The first sentence of the story talks about how this Astronaut’s “coming out” was a well-kept secret, except among family and close friends.

Here’s the word that was left out of the story’s first paragraph: ASTRONAUT! Sally Ride was the first American woman in space. She was an Astronaut, a scientist, and AN ASTRONAUT! (figured I’d mention that twice)

I had to search for this story. On the front page of this piece-of-crap website was some horseshit about Michael Jackson’s kids and his mother and custody, and WHO CARES? He’s been dead for, what, 10 years? 20? Why the hell are we talking about his kids? Can we leave them alone, and get to the real news? Like what’s happening with Anna Nicole Smith’s baby.

I kid.

I have a lot of respect for people who come out as gay publicly, while they’re in the prime of their careers. You see this a lot in stage and screen actors. Astronauts, though? Not so much. From what I read, Sally Ride was the first acknowledged gay Astronaut.

Why should that matter? Why should it make any difference what gender Sally Ride preferred? Could she do her job? Check. Was she one hell of a lot braver than I am? Check. Quite honestly, I wouldn’t have wanted to know about Neil Armstrong taking “one giant leap into Mrs Armstrong.” Again: can you do the job? Great. Sign here.

I hope people take this opportunity to focus on Sally Ride’s barrier-breaking courage and skill, and realize that a Lesbian was as capable as a straight woman (or straight man) at astronautery. I hope it becomes acceptable enough for gay Astronauts to “come out” so that when one dies, the story isn’t about sexual preference, but about education, amazing courage, and accomplishments.

And that people just shut the hell up about that lunatic Michael Jackson and his effed the eff up family. These people suck. Let them suck in peace, out of the range of my reading. Let’s talk about true heroes, not fuck-ups.
R.I.P. Sally Ride, and thank you.


9 Responses to “HOLY CRAP!! Sally Ride was (gasp) A GAY!”

  1. Christina Says:

    I could not possibly agree with you more. I mean, SHE WENT TO SPACE! That should be the very first sentence of anything ever written about her. (All I’ve been doing is occassionally looking at space. There’s no oxygen out there, you know? I don’t think I’ll ever choose to visit because I don’t even like going in the ocean due to chompy things. I’m a wuss.)

    They can talk about her life partner as someone who was with her and beside her throughout life, just as they would a spouse, but no one’s sexuality should overshadow their incredible accomplishments across the board.

    • tomzone Says:

      Where I work, there are lots of openly gay people. Nobody refers to them as “Gay Bob” or “Gay Millie.” They’re just Bob or Millie. I wish everywhere was like that.

    • tomzone Says:

      Also–re: chompy things–I accidentally left my phone in the truck. Because I need this–I mean, Words With Friends ain’t gonna play itself–I walked back out to my truck. There were little twigs on the ground, and they hurt my feet! I was limping as if I were walking on rusty spikes or rattlesnakes. TWIGS! OUCH! Oxygenless space? No!!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. SPACE!!

  3. But the rip-off is that her partner isn’t getting all the cushy benefits an ASTRONAUT’s widow would normally get. Boo.

    • We went through this same thing, Red, when a Tampa Police Officer–who had been with the same woman for 18 of her 40 years (or something like that)–was killed in the line of duty. All of her insurance, pensions, etc, went to her parents.

      I mean, how long does the average “proper” marriage last? It’s absolutely pathetic the way the system is set up, whether we’re talking about heroines–Sally Ride, and an officer killed in the line, eg–or just two everyday women who love each other.

  4. They even slipped this little factoid into the Australian news report I heard on Sally Ride’s death. They did play it down though, ie, said she saw herself as much more of an advocate for girls and women in the sciences rather than first woman astronaut or prominent gay advocate. I still thought ‘Who even cares?’.

  5. And they only mentioned it quite late in what was a really detailed story with interviews etc.

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