Soul Screamers, Volume 1: My Soul to Lose•My Soul to Take•My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent

If you are new to the Soul Screamers series, this is the place to start. This volume contains a prequel short story, plus the first two novels in the series.

Kaylee Cavanaugh is living a Harry Potter sort of existence: she’s essentially an orphan, lives with her aunt, uncle, and spoiled, obnoxious cousin, Sophie.

I kept thinking of Sophie like Quinn on the “Daria” show, except Quinn wasn’t quite as bitchtastic.

Kaylee’s secret is that she’s a bean sidhe, what we bastardize into “banshee.”

Kaylee has an irresistable urge to scream when somebody is dying. She meets Nash Hudson: jock, hunk, and boy bean sidhe named after two defunct car companies. (Being a curmudgeon, his name bothered me for awhile, though I doubt Ms Vincent named him after cars on purpose)

In case you’re curious, male bean sidhe don’t have the same gifts as females.

Much like in the Potterverse, we learn about the bean sidhe world as Kaylee does.

I liked this collection. The prequel shows what happened when Kaylee’s bansheeism manifested in a JC Penney, before she knew anything about it. She ended up restrained in the psych ward.

Once she begins to master and control her gift–with Nash’s help–it leads to two good stories: one about a rogue reaper killing teenaged girls, the other about pop stars who literally sold their souls.

I’m not a Young Adult reader, as a rule, and I admit that some of the teenaged angst in which Kaylee wallows sometimes–OKAY! YOU HAVE SMALLER BREASTS THAN YOUR ÜBER-POPULAR BEST FRIEND! WE GET IT!–but my annoyance patches were really quite rare.

One thing I admire in Rachel Vincent’s work thus far is that, like J.K Rowling, she can convey a rather harrowing story, involving teens who drink and have sex, and yet she never resorts to excessive profanity. I’m not a prude–I swear frequently and con molto brio–but I’m impressed that her characters didn’t drop f-bombs every fourth word.

Ms Vincent’s storytelling skills are first rate, and I recommend Volume 1. Good stuff.

My Soul to Lose: B+
My Soul to Take: A-
My Soul to Lose: A-


One Response to “Soul Screamers, Volume 1: My Soul to Lose•My Soul to Take•My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent”

  1. The prequel is only a short story? Damn, I thought I’d be able to count this book as three books. Guess it will only be two.


    If I like this series, it will be the first teen book I’ve enjoyed since Angus, Thongs, and Full Frontal Snogging.

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