My Soul to Keep, by Rachel Vincent

A new “drug” called frost is making its way through Eastwhatever High School’s cool kids. It’s powerful. It’s gaseous. It’s sold in black balloons.

It’s demon’s breath.

Kaylee Cavanaugh, teen bean sidhe, and her hunky boyfriend, Nash Hudson, find themselves more in the middle of this crisis than they’d like.

Add in the avarice hellion, Avari–who still has his knickers in a twist about Kaylee’s last dealings with him–and the story unfolds.

There’s not a lot I can reveal without spoilers, but I’ll make a generality: Rachel Vincent doesn’t put her characters on pedestals. Sure, Cousin Sophie is a bitch, and BFF Emma has enviable curves, but everyone–human and bean sidhe alike–has faults, and some strike close to Kaylee’s heart.

I like where Ms Vincent took this story, and I look forward to finding out how she resolves things in the next book. I have it loaded into the Kindle and ready to go. But I’m going to read a Stephen King next. I’m about teened out for awhile.

I do like this series, though.

Grade: B


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