A coworker today mentioned the saxophone in Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky.” I Googled it.

There was a black patch across the Google logo, but the site still worked. I clicked on the Wikipedia link.

Wikipedia is currently dark, blacked out. 10-7. Out of service.

They are doing this to call attention to SOPA/PIPA.

I adore the Internet. I love the whole damned thing. I love that I can wake up in the middle of the night, and I can find midget golden shower porn, AA meetings, shopping sites, the blogosphere, Jupiter’s mass, a recipe for methamphetamine, film reviews, news, serious commentary, whackjob commentary, you name it.

(I admit, I have never looked up midget golden shower porn, but I’m sure it’s there somewhere)

I love that the Internet teems with crackpots, conspiracy theorists, paranoiacs, and outsiders. I love that I can find the “JFK” movie quote “Them Warren Commission boys were pickin’ gnat shit outta pepper,” then find the relative size and mass of both gnat shit and pepper. I feel strangely at home here.

I understand, too, why SPOA/PIPA exist: because some people pirate movies and other intellectual property, and those who produce such content are denied their fair compensation. (They also spend zillions lobbying Congress)

I buy the books I read and the films I watch. I understand that some people don’t, and I think they’re douchebags.

However, the potential repercussions of SOPA/PIPA are mind-numbing. It could lead to websites being blacklisted, access to information and ideas being quashed, and more. The Internet is bigger than the United States of America; bigger than American film studios and record companies. That’s the Internet’s beauty. I have friends on nearly every continent, and online, we’re equals.

Leave the Internet alone. If nothing else, because the last dysfunctional group of megalomaniacs and scoundrels on Earth I’d want with the Internet’s future in their hands is the United States Congress.

(note: Please do a Google search for Jupiter, or something similar. Go to the Wikipedia entry your search pulls up. Click on it. That will take you to Wikipedia’s blackout page. Enter your Zip Code, and it will provide links to your representatives in Congress. Take a couple of minutes, and send a respectful note. Thanks.)


3 Responses to “SOPA/PIPA This!”

  1. re SOPA/PIPA: WordPress is doing a bit to protest SOPA/PIPA. today the “Fresh Pressed” page is blacked out, and if you want to join, go to Dashboard–>Settings–>Protest SOPA/PIPA.

  2. You know, I don’t think there are *that many* people who do steal shit from the interwebs. But, even if you put crazy rules and regulations in place, they’ll still steal shit. Because that’s what they do.

    A minority of people have been stealing shit probably since the beginning of time. (There’s one guy who’s been on Pennlive at least twice for stealing meat (raw meat) from a grocery store… by eating it, I believe. Yeah.)

    I also think there’s a lot to be said about the amount of actual shit the Hollywood people (because that’s who wants SOPA/PIPA so badly) produce. I don’t buy movies that suck. (I rent them before I buy.) I don’t buy music that sounds like crap. (I use streaming services to check it out before I buy.) They produce a lot of flops. I think they’re bitter.

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