Batman Begins (2005)

“The Dark Knight,” Heath Ledger, blah-cubed. I’ll take “Batman Begins” over its sequel anyday.

“Batman Begins” shows Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) in a dreadful Asian prison, beating the crap out of bad guys, till one day, Liam Neeson shows up, and offers a choice, a path. So Bruce goes to the Fortress of Solitude, in a Pineapple Under the Sea…

Seriously, does it matter? He went to a place, and he got his PhD in advanced ass-kicking.

He goes back to Gotham City, which is in bad shape. Drugs and corruption have driven it to the brink. Batman has to fight criminals like Scarecrow (Cillian Murphy), and learns to trust Sgt Gordon (Gary Oldman), as well as Wayne Industries answer to Q, Lucius Malfoy Fox (Morgan Freeman). Also, there’s Rachel Dawes (Katie Holmes), an old friend with the DA’s office.

“Batman Begins” is neither frivolous nor light. It is dark, literally and spiritually. But there are flashes of humor. Not jokes, really, but just enough glimmers to show that people are still human.

Christian Bale is brilliant as Brucebat Wayneman. In the second film, he did this bizarre extreme Batman voice, where Batman can’t grunt out more than three words per breath, like he has throat cancer. He’s an amazing actor, and he does great work here.

Morgan Freeman has fun with his role, and Michael Caine is the coolest butler around.

I watched “The Dark Knight” last week, and it is an excellent film. It’s just not any fun. No wonder Heath Ledger’s Joker kept asking, “Why so serious?”

“Batman Begins” is plenty serious. It’s also a lot of fun to watch.

Grade: A-


5 Responses to “Batman Begins (2005)”

  1. Now I want to watch this! Thanks for sharing!

  2. *chuckling* Malfoy and a Pineapple Under the Sea.

    • I swear they blew up the same mountain fortress they blew up in Inception. Every superhero has a Fortress of Solitude kind of place. Why NOT a pineapple under the sea? *snerk*

  3. I agree, I liked this one better than the second. The second, I felt everyone was trying too hard.

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