ZOMG! The Universe is a Tortie!


This explains a lot.


10 Responses to “ZOMG! The Universe is a Tortie!”

  1. Quick! Give it a box to sit and glare out of!

  2. It explains EVERYTHING! The randomness, the hostility, and the occasional pretty and cute.

    also, +1 for Lauri’s comment.

  3. Brown Suga' Says:

    +1 to both Lauri and Lurker for their comments! LOL.

  4. Actually, it’s anywhere on the intranerts, I think!

    • I just signed up for Google + once i got the Typhoon Class DorkFone Mk II. I don’t know what i’m supposed to do with it exactly, but all the cool kids were doing it, so i joined.

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