“Why Ike. Maybe poker’s just not your game. I know. Let’s have a spelling contest!”

The Twitter Spelling Test

Created by Oatmeal

This is amazing! Thank you so much. I’d like to thank theoatmeal.com, my parents, of course, and my brother Marky. My agent and everyone at Cut-Rate Talent Management, Bail Bonds, & Package Store, with 6 convenient Bay Area locations. Thanks to Bosch Fuel Injection Systems, Vick’s NyQuil, Honeywell Fans, without whom the Vortex of Comfort™ would be less cost-effective. Thanks to Doc Holliday and Johnny Ringo, and the ghost of Ann Boleyn.

Also, I never would have made it here without the makers of Jim Beam, Evan Williams, Ketel One, Taaka Vodka, Jägermeister, Bombay Sapphire gin, Hellman’s Mayonnaise, the McRib Sandwich, Maker’s Mark, Vancomycin, Prozac, Xanax, Adderall, Ativan, Zosyn, Flagyl, Diet Mountain Dew, Pennzoil, Titleist XL golf balls, Gibson Guitars, Fender Amplifiers, Hammond B3 and C3 Organs, Apple Computers, Smith & Wesson Firearms, The Motorola DorkFone 9500 XL Turbo, Kerlix, Anapestic Tetrameter, Lights In The Dark, Country Fried Steak, the Cities of Boise, ID, Scrappleton, PA, Amily Falls, MT, Devil’s Taint, TX, Tombstone, AZ, Saint Petersburgs RU & FL, Babalu’s Restaurant, “Big Game” James Shields & the Tampa Bay Rays, James Reimer & the Toronto Maple Leafs, James Hetfield & Metallica, James Taylor, James Brown, James Burton, Joe Walsh & the James Gang, and the City of Philadelphia for combining cheese and steak, and putting it on a bun.

Finally, to Mrs Van Arsdale, who hit me over the head once with a spelling book, and Dr Judith Gatlin of Furman University, who threatened to choke me to death if I made “another stupid semicolon error”; I haven’t forgotten.

Again, thank you all. Goodnight.


7 Responses to ““Why Ike. Maybe poker’s just not your game. I know. Let’s have a spelling contest!””

  1. BAHAHAHAhahahahahahaha……

    You are priceless!

  2. Dammit! I missed “The sea creature opens “its” mouth.”

    *Hits self on head with grammar book.”

  3. I am embarrassed that I clicked on a misspelled version of embarrassment — even though I could type it just now without any little red squiggly lines appearing.

  4. I almost lost it when I saw question #13, “Putting mayonnaise on your nipples is ___.” The answer the test provided was inadequate, IMO.

  5. I never doubted your literacy for a moment, Tom.
    (I got 100%, too.)

  6. Oh gosh, I’m so ashamed to say this…

    I got a 90%. 😦

    And yesterday I couldn’t say longevity to save my life!
    I need to practice my skillz.

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