Movie Time!

I’ve always been bad with DVD’s. I’m good at watching them, and I’m reasonably good at buying them.  However, I am horrible about organizing my DVD’s and putting them away.

I don’t have a big collection–100 or so, maybe–but it was becoming unmanageable. It was time to rid my room of cat-over-knockable DVD’s.

So I bought this giant DVD storage book. The basic idea is that you put 2 DVDs’ cover art in windows on one side of each page. On the other side, you have four pockets. The end result is usually two movies or one TV season per two-sided page.

I really meant to file them alphabetically, but this was prohibitively daunting. I did end up with some pages that are alphabetically related–Sirens sharing a page with Serenity, eg–but this proved to be rare.

Just for giggles, here are some tomlogical pairings. Some are more obvious than others. Some could be valid for multiple reasons. Here we go. No wagering (Answers at the bottom):

1) Casablanca and Inglourious Basterds
2) Se7en and The Silence of the Lambs
3) American Pie and Forgetting Sarah Marshall
4) Garden State and V for Vendetta
5) The Dark Knight and Inception
6) Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz
7) Love Actually and Pirate Radio
8) The X Files and Charlie Wilson’s War
9) Juno and Napoleon Dynamite
10) Public Enemies and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

1) Nazis
2) Music by Howard Shore (also would accept “3 Oscars among the primary cast (Kevin Spacey w/2 & Morgan Freeman, Jodi Foster w/2 & Anthony Hopkins)” and “seriously creepy-ass films”)
3) Allyson Hannigan & Jason Segal are married in How I Met Your Mom
4) Natalie Portman
5) Director Christopher Nolan
6) Same writer-director team/1st two in the “Blood & Ice Cream” aka “Three Flavours Cornetto” trilogy
7) Writer director Richard Curtis (also would accept “Bill Nighy”)
8) Secret government plots
9) School lunchroom scenes (would also accept “quirky HS comedies w/auspicious Sundance debuts)
10) “Huge male stars playing bankrobbers in non-blockbuster films”

Anyway. That was my Friday project. Have a great weekend.


7 Responses to “Movie Time!”

  1. Speaking of DVDs, I’m really bad at keeping track of them. Do you have any idea where my (modern edition) Star Trek disc would have run off to?

    Also, it’s super annoying that wordpress turns 8 ) into a damn smiley face. (Sunglasses smiley tries too hard to be cool.)

    • Oddly, I have two copies of the Star Trek movie. And you are dead on correct: sunglasses smiley is an attention.

      • Whore! An attention whore!

      • I’m really most upset about not being able to find this because Chris Pine is dreamy and, in my dreamy state I googled him and found out he has a degree in English!

        Unless Google lied to me.

        That makes him even morrrrre dreamy. *swoon*

        (And yes, the sunglass smiley is an attention. Whore.)

  2. 3 is also “Young Men Have Embarrassing Penis Incidents”.

    8) is obviously a conspiracy by WP.

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