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Impression: Life on a Hot June Friday

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Apparently, I haven’t written in over a month. To be honest, I haven’t really written anything of any import since Easter, when my Lent in Casablanca series (finally!) concluded.

Anyway, I used the DorkFone to take this photo of my life.

In the middle of the big glowing circle, you see my shadow. That’s me. Hi. I’m waving at you.

At birth, we explode into being, touching people, crossing paths in ways we can never understand. The giant glowing circle is the shockwave of my life. Once I encounter something or someone, they’re part of me, part of my life.

Don’t get me wrong: our lives don’t devour other people (NB: cannibalism excepted (and strongly discouraged)). Each individual can appear in dozens, hundreds, thousands of lives or more.

But that’s my life there. It exploded some years ago, and keeps expanding. You can see glowing dots outside my circle. Those are Nouns (people, places, and things) I haven’t encountered yet. Their time will come soon enough.

To my life’s lower left, you see the giant, white-blue orb that is The Past. The Past has all the triumphs and failures of my forebears and their peers, all the way back to the Big Bang, to nothingness or a lonely God or Whatever.

As my life expands–as that big glowing circle spreads–I inch ever-closer to becoming part of The Past. I won’t exist any longer in The Present, however there will be files and data, blog posts and Tweets, and tom-memories people have, plus every radio break I did for 22 years will be zooming across the universe eternally.  (My apologies to everyone in a 22 light year radius sphere)

Everything that happened before my birth is in that fiery ball. Inside my circle, there are people who have died: relatives, friends, coworkers. Their circles have connected with The Past, in addition to being part of me.

The big glowing ball to my upper right is The Future. It contains everything that will happen, or could happen. It’s further away from my ever-expanding circle, but it’s also moving toward me mighty damn fast.

When my glowing life circle connects with The Past and The Future, I will cease this part of my journey. I will become part of The Past, and the Future will be forever changed because I was here. What will it be like? No idea.  That knowledge is beyond my security clearance.

Everyone has a life that looks like this. Shortstop and Princess turn 7 in October. Their circles are smaller and newer, but I’ll forever be a little glowing cosmic dust-bunny in their worlds, even when they get older, and I’m long gone.

That’s me in the middle, waving. Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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