Ambivalence Looks a Lot Like Me

I wanted to get stinking, violently drunk tonight.

Hell of an opening, no?

The night of 9/11, I did get stinking drunk. To be perfectly honest, I think I pushed the throttle wide open on Operation Death by Harsh Liquids that night, and ran balls-out till June of aught-five.

If we’d blown Osama bin Laden’s brains out on 5/1/02, I’d probably have felt catharsis and closure, and I’d have done a big happy-dance.

Instead, I feel sorta “meh.”

Let me be clear: I’m glad the guy is dead. He’s evil, and he needed to be smited.

But what was the ultimate cost? We bombed Afghanistan to…well, whatever rubble turns into when you bomb it–the USSR hadn’t left much during their vacation there. Then we invaded Iraq, which had dick to do with 9/11. We killed Saddam Hussein. Well, great. The guy was an evil shithead, too, but if we invaded every country run by an evil shithead, we’d have to draft the entire population, and probably invade ourselves.

It’s tough for me to fathom that 9/11 was nearly ten years ago. W launched the War on Terror®, and away we went.  Thousands of American soldiers, and who knows many tens or hundreds of thousands of civilians later, we bust a cap into Osama bin Laden’s head.

Sorry, but I’m not dancing–again: glad he’s dead, and I would have blasted him myself–but did we win anything? We got him, but that won’t bring back even one of the World Trade Center dead. Worse still, we’ve lost a couple more 9/11’s worth of troops.

And we just now got him.

A friend at work said she would sleep well knowing Hitler #2 is now dead.

Hitler #2? Really? Adolf Hitler killed millions. Hitler was a political genius and a statesman, in a totally deranged way. Hitler rallied a nation hamstrung by the Treaty of Versailles, and Germany became a mighty power.  It’s frightening what Hitler accomplished, and how big an evil footprint he left on the world.

Osama bin Laden was certainly not stupid. He masterminded some amazing attacks.

But bin Laden was one rich, Wile E Coyote shithead, scheming away in a cave somewhere.  As a killer, he’s a hack amateur compared to Hitler. But Osama bin Laden knew that to bring down America, you don’t have to kill millions. Just give us good horrifying video, and let us destroy ourselves.

World War 2 basically took six years and a day. From Hitler invading Poland to the last signature on a treaty, that was it: six years.

This bin Laden guy kicked us square in the nuts, and he must have been laughing his ass off as we bombed ourselves into record unemployment, a bottomless real estate market, and hour-long waits in airport securiy while our toothpaste and conditioner are examined.

We finally got him. I’m glad we shot him.
But when I think of how different things were on 9/10/2001–we were at peace, with a strong economy, et cetera. I wonder if that cave-dwelling evil dickhead didn’t just win a little bit.

We shot him dead. Yay.

But you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t dance.


7 Responses to “Ambivalence Looks a Lot Like Me”

  1. christinaheart Says:

    I’m super glad he’s dead. Like, really really.

    Buuuuuuut, I think it would be stupid to believe this means we’re ok now. Because there’s always someone else to take over. So, this probably won’t change *that* much. Perhaps if he would have been killed BEFORE 9/11… but not so much after he earned his infamy via scumminess.

    It was still exciting news. I mean, this loser was the “reason” kids my age went to war and died… I’m glad he’s done for.

  2. I’m not sorry he’s dead, but I’m not rejoicing in the street, either. Because here’s the thing: there are a lot of people who hate us and we just gave them a huge martyr.

    And I think a more apt comparison would be to Charles Manson. Yes, he caused the death of more people, but still.

  3. I had all sorts of emotions running through me when I heard the news—skepticism, relief, a little anger (all these people dead, all those years at war for HIM?), and even some fear: what’ll come next? Watching the videos of people waving flags and cheering at the old World Trade Center site and in front of the White House didn’t help either. If you believe in blood revenge, then bin Laden’s death will make you happy. But I think most of us are sick of the whole thing and wish it never happened. I wish there was some way to restore the world to the pre-9/11 easiness (does anyone remember when you could greet family and friends at the arrival gate at an airport?), but I know it won’t happen. What was changed, will never come back. And that’s been bin Laden’s legacy for us.

  4. Yep, yep.
    Terrorism won on so many levels that day. And I do weep about the lost troops and civilians. Hundreds of thousands. There’s no way it was worth THAT.
    Couldn’t we have stalked all of these people with small highly trained groups and our (supposedly) vast network of intelligence? (Ok, let’s not get started on WMD…those were just an excuse weren’t they?)

    In any case, I am glad he’s dead finally. But really? Iraq??? Let’s get the hell out completely and get out of Afghanistan, too. Just up and LEAVE.

  5. +1, dear frjend. +1.

  6. You know, I keep hearing in my head:

    “There is no joy in Mudville.
    The Mighty Casey has struck out.”

  7. I’m of mixed feelings. Mostly a sort of glad relief. I’m glad that he wasn’t captured for some crazy circus trial. I feel like late justice is better than NO justice. Maybe with his end, and the changes that are hopefully taking hold in Africa and the Middle East, that we can finally start closing the chapter to these 10 years.

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