Convenience, Ho’: Lent in Casablanca, Night 28

The night Laszlo and Ilsa first arrive in Casablanca, Captain Renault mentions a curfew and gasoline rationing. 

It dawned on me that the last time I was under a curfew was over a Basher ago, after Hurricane Kate. It was police-enforced, and it lasted two nights.

My experience with gasoline rationing is self-imposed, since petrol has become more expensive than platinum.

Anyway, on my way home tonight, I stopped at the 7-Eleven for cat fuel. It was the two nightshift 7-Elevemployees, my Hagridian cracker self, and three strippers.  One of them could have been a hooker, but she seemed too healthy for a 330am at 7-Eleven caliber hooker.  The three came separately (rimshot)…

Look. My brain is fried. I just finished my 11th straight day of work, and I just don’t have anything especially thoughtful left in my smartness tank tonight. Note that I did tie this to Casablanca, and I will watch Casablanca before I sleep (the mockingbirds wouldn’t know to awaken without hearing the “Die Wacht Am Rhine”/”Le Marseillaise” duel). 

However, since I’m operating on my primitive brain right now, I’m calling for a night off from higher thought and good taste.  In honor of my three fellow denizens of the night (whose combined wardrobes contained less fabric than my Maple Leafs t-shirt), please leave an appropriately classy comment related to the following sentence:

“Gosh, it seemed to be Stripper Night at 7-Eleven…”

(e.g. “Must be because they love nothing more than sharing a foot-long Cuban”)

Consider this the equivalent of having a substitute teacher. 🙂 Do your worst. (And Bogie forgive me)

Happy Sunday.


9 Responses to “Convenience, Ho’: Lent in Casablanca, Night 28”

  1. Um… It’s the one place they can eat meat and not have to worry about washing it off or putting a condom on it first?

  2. It’s the one place they don’t get paid to put stuff in their mouth?

  3. The microwave burrito wasn’t the only hot thing in there…

  4. If you walked down the cooler section, you could get your eye poked out…

  5. There was more flesh showing than a plumber bending under the sink

  6. The gas isn’t the only thing getting pumped on the late shift…

    Coffee refills aren’t the only thing going for 99-cents tonight…

    2-for-$2 on Ho-Hos or $1.69 each.

    Must sell by 8AM to ensure quality.

    (Kzinti is way too good at this)

  7. I would have put down more, but was constrained by the clock at lunch time.

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