Voldemort this (Part 1): Lent in Casablanca, Night 24

The perpetual searchlight swept across the front of Rick’s Cafe Americain. A few moments later, it swept past again, this time illuminating a tall, thin figure dressed in black robes.

The figure calls himself Lord Voldemort. 

Voldemort walked to the entrance and opened the door.

Inside, the crowd…

Well, the crowd did nothing.

Ray Charles was leading the orchestra thru “All Blues,” featuring a young Chet Baker on trumpet. Annie the Soapmaker and Testarossa Ferrari tossed back shots of a new liqueur they were testing. Across the bar, there was a table crackling with laughter and wit.  It was Kelly Vision’s birthday, and she and her friends Ginger Sister, Jen, Jenny, Liz Lemon, and more were on their second bottle of Patron. Giggles and pithy jokes filled the smoky air.

A very small young-looking girl walked out of the gambling room hand-in-hand with a girl with very bushy hair.  The smaller girl pulled her lover to her. She kissed her on the lips and smiled a lopsided smile. “I’m playing chess with Rick. Go hang with Annie and ‘Rossa.”

Hermione smiled as Lisbeth walked over to Rick’s private table and sat down at the chessboard.

Annie the Soapmaker and Testarossa Ferrari sang the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme song with rosy-cheeked enthusiasm. Hermione sat down, and Rossa poured her a shot. Hermione knocked it back like a pro, then shuddered.  “What is this??”
“Jägermädchen. Something I whipped up in my lab.”
“Does it always make you hallucinate?”
“No. Only about 30% of the time. Why?”
“Because I could have sworn I saw Voldemort and Lucius Malfoy over by the door.”
“Ah.” Annie reached under the table and tapped Rossa on the shoulder.  A hand reached up with a paper bag.
“Is she hiding?” asked Hermione.
“Yeah, but not from that goofball.” Annie the Soapmaker laughed and poured two more shots, handing one to Hermione. “She said something about pixies.”

To be continued


4 Responses to “Voldemort this (Part 1): Lent in Casablanca, Night 24”

  1. You are a master of the seamless mashup!

    You realize that now the next time I watch Casablanca, I’m going to wonder why Annie the Soapmaker isn’t in it.

  2. What about Sam the Wonderdog?

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