Friday=Brain Chowder Day

  • Brain Chowder is like Mental Chex Mix, only creamier, with diced bits of starchy brain organisms, mixed with mucus-like things pried out of calciferous thought-shells.
  • Plus, at Babalu’s and the late Gamble’s, Friday is Clam Chowder Day.
  • I informed Ashley that we (meaning I and my four readers) decided that her forthcoming baby will be named “T-Bone.”
  • She was absolutely ecstatic to find this out! She thanked me, and decided to name me Godfather to her currently baking daughter.
  • Actually, she threw something at me.  It was a cup of coffee.
  • Thank God, Ashley throws like a girl, so it just doused Lynn.
  • Okay, that’s not true, either.
  • Anyway, T-Bone will be due in June, hopefully on the Tenth, which is my birthday.
  • Thanks to everyone who has sent cards, etc, for my dad’s 70th birthday.  Y’all rock.
  • OH! This is disturbing.
  • Not my dad’s birthday.  That was a bad segue, and I apologize.
  • So, I was unaware of this phenomenon until a couple years ago, but I now have a harem of work wives. 
  • And I didn’t even have to become Mormon. 😀
  • When I started in my current job, the lovely Aimee told me on my first day that I was her new work husband.  Bonus.  Well, I changed shifts, so I added Wendy as a work wife.  Sadly, Wendy only works two of the same days I do, so I had to add Brittney as a co-work wife.  Well, now BRITTNEY has changed shifts, so I had to replace her, or I’d be left work wife-less.  (this would be a bigger problem if there were actual work-spouse responsibilities)
  • So I was IM-ing the lovely Christina earlier here at work.  She sits next to the lovely Christen (sp?).  Apparently, Christen told Christina that I was her (Xtina’s) work husband.
  • YAY! Problem solved!
  • Except that Christen told Christina that she (Christen) is our work daughter.
  • This would be fine, except that Christen has an olive complexion and brown eyes, while Christina and I are both relatively pale and blue-eyed.
  • No problem there.
  • But Christen just HAD A BABY!!!!
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I’m older than dirt, but I’m far too young to be a work grandfather.
  • Although, my buddy Jim from grade school has a grandson.  As he put it, “My boy had a `whoops.'”
  • Hey, at least Jim’s the Grandpa, not me.
  • Anyway, Happy Friday. 
  • (Oh, and sorry: no matter how many packages of those little crackers you dump in here, it will still suck! lol) xoxox


13 Responses to “Friday=Brain Chowder Day”

  1. “Brain Chowder is like Mental Chex Mix, only creamier, with diced bits of starchy brain organisms, mixed with mucus-like things pried out of calciferous thought-shells.”

    Oh, thank you for that. I love clam chowder and there is this special restaurant in Bodega Bay, CA that I will drive to just for the chowder, but now I will think of the starchy brain organisms mixed with mucus-like things every time I see a bowl of the stuff. (With the creamy base!)

    Have a good weekend, tom!

    • I had Babalu’s clam chowder on Christmas Eve, and it was heavenly. Lots of actual, discernable clam bits.

      One of my horrible college jobs was shucking oysters in an upscale seafood restaurant. Our seafood chowder was the Manhattan variety. Anytime there was a misordered item (ie, clams, mussels, fish, etc), we’d dump it in there. It was spicy and chunky and absolutely awesome.

      So of course they’re closed. 😦

      Anyway, you have a wonderful weekend as well Professor Gozen.

  2. I’ve never been fond of the red chowder, though I do occasionally partake of the white chowdah, usually in beach towns.

    Regards to the work harem and little T-Bone. I think that’s actually kind of a cute placeholder name — I’ve known a lot of people who’ve referred to their upcoming baby by something ridiculous.

    • Oddly, I’m not usually a fan of the red chowdah either, but this stuff was just awesome. That place had the best food, even if they allowed me to touch it. One guy, all he did was filet fishies and cut steaks. The menu changed every day depending on what they were able to get fresh. The place taught me to love stuff I can’t afford to eat now. Lol. (Swordfish? I’m lookin’ at you)

    • On another post, Ashley commented that her cousins call her son “Sea Bass,” instead of Sebastian. She said that with T-Bone, she could have Surf & Turf. I like the way Ashley’s brain works.

  3. Brainz!?!?! Sounds like a Zombie nightspot. Where the undead come to hang out with their brainz out. Red chowdah is ok, but the best stuff is the creamy goodness that comes after simmering for few hours, when the juice is concentrated and a bit above salty. the potatoes melt in your mouth and it feels just like getting kicked by Jessica Alba in the groin with steel toed boots on, but in a good way. And just curious, was dirt still runny when you were a kid? Oh, and Jesus said you still owe him like five bucks for when you went through the lunch line and forgot your money. Remember? He loaned you five bucks? Jesus saves? Yeah. Ok…

    • Like I’m not in enough trouble with the Administration after the Order of St Michael eradicating evil by lighting farts.


      • I’ve often wondered, what, with the success of the first book, Everybody Poops, they didn’t follow up with Everybody Farts. Oh crap, I just had to go look. Yup, it’s there. Never mind…

    • You owe it to yourself to read “Walter the Farting Dog.” I gave that to my mom for Christmas one year. She thought it was odd, but my dad, my brother, and I found it most hilarious. 😀

  4. Kristen (with a "K") Says:

    I’d like to sign up for the “5th Reader” spot. 😀

    • You’re in, K. As a bonus, I believe you suffered the same looong daily schoolbus journey with the Jim in question (think “Reverend”). I shall send your DFTTZ reader membership kit soon. Please allow 3 to 5,000 weeks for delivery. 😉

      • Kristen (with a "K") Says:

        Longest. Bus ride. Ever. But fun. (Cuz I got to sit with the “cool kids”.) 😉

        And squee! Only 2 or 4,999 weeks until my DFTTZ reader membership kit is here!!!!!!

    • I think there are still some kids waiting to be dropped off 27 years later. Based on our bus behavior, I wonder if there’s a special hell for gifted kids. See you there, I reckon. 😉

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