Tuesday Evening Pond Ripples

Way back in the Twentieth Century, A.D., I was in Fourth Grade with Miss Rundlett.  She was a New England spinster teaching a bunch of Crackers, but we got along just fine.

During that year, my elementary school used the intercom to lead us little patriots in the Pledge of Allegiance, advise us of any announcements, tell us what gustatory delights awaited us in the lunchroom, and then lead us in a song.

Each song ran for a week, and mostly they were “This Land is Your Land,” “America the Beautiful,” etc.  One week, though, it was “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

At the time, I didn’t know Simon & Garfunkel, nor their music.  I loved that song, though: the lyrics and the melody were just awesome.

Fast forward to college.  I was driving to work one day, and what classic song came on the radio? You got it.  I sang my ass off, and I think I managed to hit all the notes, for the only time in my adult life.

Fast forward to one Summer afternoon at The Point 102.5.  The GM at the Oldies station, U-92, called to tell me they’d agreed to my salary, and I was officially “hired across town.” In the room with me was my cute young intern, Carrie.

Forward to a year later. Art Garfunkel was coming to town (like Santa Claus, only thin and a first tenor). Art’s publicist arranged a five minute interview with me to promote his show–“But you ONLY GET FIVE MINUTES!”

We talked for 90 minutes.  Art Garfunkel is an endlessly fascinating person, and we had a very interesting conversation. (Visit artgarfunkel.com and compare your reading list to his). The guy got a Master’s in Mathematics for fun, and walked across America. 

I asked him specifically about the big money-notes in “Bridge,” and  whether he thought Paul Simon ever wrote impossible notes just to piss him off.  He said that if Paul Simon wrote a note, he knew he could hit it.  They may not be best friends, but there’s a huge mutual respect between singer and songwriter.

Fast forward to tonight.  I had dinner tonight with Doll-Baby, née Carrie the Intern.  She is now a First Grade teacher.  This week, would you care to guess what song her school plays over the intercom each morning??

Yeah, that would be too much, even for my odd world.  In all honesty, though, I had dinner with Carrie tonight.  After we said our goodbyes, I got into the USS Nimitz, and the radio was playing the opening chords of “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

I laughed and sang along.  It was brutal. 

I guess the point is that in Miss Rundlett’s class, I threw a pebble into the pond of my life.  That day driving to Hilaman Golf Club in Tallahassee, I tossed in another one.  Same with the day I got hired away to U-92, and that day I spent an hour and a half chatting with Art Garfunkel.

Tonight, the ripples from each of these pebbles converged. 

Don’t get me wrong. There wasn’t any sort of celestial breakdown or choirs of angels.  Things just clicked, and I enjoyed the memories.

A good life is one where you make it long enough to see your ripples converge.

I hope yours converge as pleasantly as mine did tonight.


17 Responses to “Tuesday Evening Pond Ripples”

  1. I love that song. 🙂 But doesn’t everyone?

  2. What an incredible wonderful story! I was completely infatuated with Paul and Art from….oh, 7th grade until now!!!

    I swear, Tom, you need to collect your memoirs and get them published. You write like an angel.

    • Awww. Thanks Lauri. If only Carrie’s school HAD been playing “Bridge,” this would have worked better.

      I told Art that one of my favorite albums growing up was “Concert in Central Park.” He really brightened when I said my favorite song on it was “A Heart in New York,” which was almost the only non-Paul Simon song. 😀

      • I was able to see Art and Paul in concert here in Auburn Hills about ten years ago. It was incredible.

        Guess what my friend from Alaska sent me for Christmas this year? An unopened album from 1965 “Sounds of Silence” which she found in her closet.

        I was stunned. And so happy. 🙂

  3. What a great story, Tom, and ditto Lauri.

  4. If anyone lives long enough, of course their nipples will converge… oh. Um…

    • *checks nipples* No convergence yet…..guess I haven’t lived long enough?

      • Ya know, I write a perfectly nice post about memories and time and crap, and leave it to you two to drag it into the gutter with your nipples. (Not saying that either of you have gutternips, of course) *snerk* 😉

  5. Yeah notice how we stopped your comments cold? I’m good at that. 😛

    Of course we don’t have gutternips. If we’re using them to tow the post into the gutter, then we’re more endowed like…. um… tow-trucks?

    • With headlights. 🙂

      • Headlights. *snerk* also

        It’s this unerring class and impeccable couth that make loving you two so impossible to resist. If Miss Rundlett were to read this, she’d plotz. God love her, she’d be 119 years old now, but still. 😉

  6. Impeccable couth… I am going to make that my next blog header!

    • It would be a great band name. “Tonight at CBGB’s: Impeccable Couth, with special guest Gutter Nip & The Headlights.”

      (If Carrie read this comment chain, she’d never talk to me again :P)

  7. ROFL….”she’d plotz”….oh my!!!

    And I had a pop-up (stop it) blocking part of your reply, Tom, so it looked like you said “makes loving the two of you so impossible”…..I’m glad it didn’t end there! 🙂

  8. See, I read this thinking it said Fond Nipples and was pleasantly surprised to see that neither nipples nor fondness for nipples was expressed. Well, not surprised, rather disappointed my adolescent male mind was, but when you got to the end, I completely knew exactly what and wherefore you spoke. How awesome was that? And all without fond nipples.

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