A Request

My dad’s 70th birthday is February 11th.  His name is Dave, and if you can, it would be ever so cool if you could send him a birthday note or postcard, preferably something showing where you are.  Send them to me, and I’ll give them to him on the big day.  If you can. If not, I won’t hate you.  😉 E-mail me for the address.  Happy Wednesday.


8 Responses to “A Request”

  1. Hmmm
    Not sure I know how to email you.
    But you can email it to me at lauowolf, just like my wordpress, but at yahoo.
    (Did you see me cleverly *not* typing out an email address?)
    Would be happy to do this.

  2. Ooooo, send me your address, too, please, Tom!!!

  3. Tom, count me in — I am under the name you see here, at the company like unto Yippee! I have an old postcard just collecting dust.

  4. I’ll send something really cool. LOL. Just send the address to kzinti at kzinti dot com and I’ll start putting something together.

  5. This calls for a bag of Texas Jelly Beans! How could I not celebrate the man who gave me the mjan?

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