Thursday Night Mental Chex Mix

*- I’m home from work again tonight, lying in bed, eating popcorn and the occasional mini-Butterfingers, watching Criminal Minds, and suffering with “stabby feet.”

*- “Stabby feet” is tomspeak for “peripheral neuropathy.”

*- Over the years, I’ve realized I use lots of my own words, just assuming other people understand–or not really giving a crap whether they do.

*- My coworkers have figured out that “the place with the stuff” means The Rally Station, and “The Irish place” is McDonald’s.

*- I was looked at askance when I told a friend i’d be paying for my purchase with “my swipey card.”

*- It’s not an ATM card, because I don’t usually visit ATM’s. However, I frequently take my CARD and SWIPE it through the paying thing.

*- Ergo, ecce “swipey card.”

*- I mean, duh!

*- When I first studied German at FSU, I was thrilled to learn the vowels.

*- Don’t get me wrong: I’m perfectly happy with English vowels, but in German, they have vowels with hats!

*- “Hats” in Tomspeak means “umlauts.”

*- They gave me the capability to spell the word “bubbelgänthel.”

*- Of course, “Bubbelgänthel” is a type of men’s shoe, which you’d know if you’d been me as a little kid.

*- Like jazz musicians, I improvised.  When there wasn’t a suitable word–or when I just didn’t know it–I made up my own.

*- That’s just how I roll, dammit.

*- And that’s why I like Butterfingers.

*- They’re crispety, crunchety, and (perhaps most importantly) peanut buttery.

*- And damned tasty, even without vowel hats.

*- Have a great weekend.

7 Responses to “Thursday Night Mental Chex Mix”

  1. Yay for madeupy words!

    Happy Friday, Tom! 🙂

    • *snerk* is a word that is ages old, but you’ve made it yours so thoroughly, that you might as well have created it. 😀

  2. I see no reason to be constrained by the limitations of others’ verbal constraints. I speak several languages that I’ve made up fluently and have awarded myself degrees in Advanced Bitching, Convenience Czechs and Curmudgeonization.

    mmm… popcorn…

    However, stabbj feet makes me feel sad.

    • Thank you for agreeing: it’s not our fault if the massed stupidos don’t understand what we say. It’s THEIR fault for being massed stupidos!

      Gosh, I hope they put us in the same nutbin. (We can have jello fights on Thursday :D)

      (Btw, stabbj feet are manageable today. Off to the saltmines)

  3. True story, when I was little, I called milk “blut.” I think it was the start of my vampire obsession. Blut (german) = blood (english).

    Swipey card makes total sense to me. “The Irish Place” would probably throw me for a loop.

    I hope your stabby feet stay manageable for a long while.

    • Blut is just awesome. You were a vampirophile before you even knew what a vampire was.

      The stabby feet are doing okay so far today. With less than 2 hours left in the work night, they’ve carried me around relatively painlessly.

      Happy Saturday. 🙂

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