Thanksgiving Things on Tuesday (on Wednesday)

*- The DorkFone knows what day it is, even if I don’t.
*- Friends, family, cats, job, all a-ok.
*- Punkin healing after losing grandfather
*- Had a wonderful Thanksgiving w/family & Team Punkin
*- I’m grateful to have a bunch of interesting, pleasantly demented friends here in the Interwebs.
*- Full tank of gas in the USS Nimitz
*- Ten fingers, ten toes, one belly button, one steady pulse.

*- I’ll boo next time. I have enough to be thankful for that it would be unconscionable to whine.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving (or a Happy Thursday)

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4 Responses to “Thanksgiving Things on Tuesday (on Wednesday)”

  1. I am thankful that you call your phone the Dorkphone! 😀

    Have a wonderful day, Tom!

  2. Party on, Wayne! I’ll wish everyone’s Thanksgiving is every bit as good as yours. However many you’re having and on whatever day they’re happening.

  3. Oh crap! Gas! I forgot the gas! I got the chili to make gas later, but no gas for the monster truck. Happy Thanksgiving there you old Hagrid looking Mofo. I hope your day is spent with your pants unbuttoned to accomodate an overstuffed belly and plenty of relaxing nothing to do.

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