Princess Don’t Play

Sunday was the second annual pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving at my parents’ house.  I work on Thursday, so my mom does the annual feast in order that my semi-adopted sister, Abby, and I can enjoy the festivities, then they go up and spend Thanksgiving proper with Brother Marky.

Last year, it was the first time I’d met Staceypunkin’s kids.  Shortstop was a little wary, and protective of his mother. Princess sort of rolled her eyes, as if to say, “Oh great. Another minion.”

One of the coolest gifts of this past year was getting to know them better.  They’re awesome kids, smart and funny and reasonably well-behaved.

After dinner, Abby’s husband, Bryan, and I sat in the family room watching football.  Princess came in, and was preparing to color on the coffee table.  She moved a chair in, and it accidentally hit my foot.

Being that she’s six, I played it up, wincing, saying she’d crippled me, etc.

“Now I can’t drive, Princess.  You’re going to have to drive us home.”

She smiled at me patronizingly, as if I were a complete moron. “I can’t drive–I’m a little kid. I will sit in the back and fall asleep, while YOU drive us home.”

Bryan and I laughed at the irrefuteable logic, where the 6 year-old outsmarted the grown-up.

I picked her up and tickled her, and she giggled like a little kid.  I put her down. Just checking.

It was fun, and the food and fellowship were awesome. I hope you and your loved ones have a similarly awesome Thanksgiving, no matter when you do celebrate.

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8 Responses to “Princess Don’t Play”

  1. You have a good Thanksgiving too, tom! Sounds like you have quite a few punkins out there to have fun with.

  2. What, no ass smacking? There’ll be plenty of ass smacking going on here for Thanksgiving…

    • I have no doubt, sir, but we refrained from ass-smackery Sunday. Maybe because of the kids; maybe despite them. Hope yours is wonderful.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving, Tom. It’s nice to hear about the warmth around you.

    • Warmth is good. I’d wish you a happy Thanksgiving, but it’s already passed. Thus, I’ll wish you a happy Thursday, and a wonderful Holiday Season. And bacon. 😉

  4. Sounds like an awesome pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving! (Much better than the bod jokes and weirdness I was subjected to, haha.)

    Also, I like smart 6 year old girls. They give me hope for the future of our world. They’ll be the ones we can hand the conn to when we’re too old and frail, y’know?

    • I absolutely agree. Princess will have no problem taking the conn. I have very limited experience with little kids. Mostly, they are okay, but prone to making too much noise and crying and stuff. These two are just awesome.

      I hope you have a lovely, scrapple-free Thanksgiving with your loved ones. 🙂

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