Tweets I Didn’t Have Time to Twitter

*- Yeah. That looks juuuuuust like real hair, bud. Hope Monsanto gave you a deal.
*- Dear radio.  REM did more than three songs, and any are better than the 3 you play.
*- Hooray, crop-dusting! 😀
*- There isn’t a person in Pinellas County, including you and the cashier, who thinks that check won’t bounce.
*- This song sucked in 1977, and it’s sucked each of the 890,222,673 times I’ve heard it since.
*- Today was nothing ten Advils and a gallon of NOS energy beverage couldn’t overcome.
*- The guy from The Call dies; Brad Delp of Boston is gone, but Eddie fucking Money will outlive Earth itself.
*- Other than weighing 7000 lbs, I wonder how my life would’ve been different if I HAD just followed the McRib from city to city.
*- Goodness, I hope all my Interweb friends have awesome Fridays.

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8 Responses to “Tweets I Didn’t Have Time to Twitter”

  1. Lol!
    I like Tweets gathered together and collated better than one at a time!

    (I’ve actually not tweeted, so I’m not qualified to say)

    Lol at cropdusting!! Snert!

    Have a great Friday, Tom!

  2. They are better all collected up. The one about the check made me LOL.

  3. Were you the Dustor or the Dustee?

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