In the VisionJet cockpit, Skycaptain Laetetia secured final clearance into Rancho Mirage Municipal Airport.  

In the FunCabin, Ginger Sister and Kelly Vision reluctantly climbed out of the hot-tub, and climbed into their bullet-proof, velour tracksuit uniforms. 

Sam the Wonderdog entered the FunCabin, his VisionCollar set to the  authoritative diction of Walter Cronkite. “I hope Laetetia parks this damned plane soon.  All that bacon is going thru me like shit through a goose.  I need to do some business on the tarmac.”

Ginger Sister snorted Red Bull out her nose, and Kelly Vision blanched.

“SAM! Language!” she scolded.  “And you may NOT use Uncle Walter’s voice for this mission!”

“Fine!” retorted Walter Cronkite.  “I swear, sometimes you take all the damn fun out of being a Wonderdog.”

Sam pooted scornfully as he left through the doggie door.

Ginger laughed.  “He knows he’s running things, doesn’t he?”

Kelly shook her head ruefully.

As the plane landed, the Lego Kzinti Mark II  Desert Cruiser sped its hovery way toward The Facility.  

The Black Evilcopter was in silent mode as it fluttered to a whispery landing in a dark clearing on  The Facility grounds. 

The KellyVision G-IV pulled into the private hangar.  Sam the Wonderdog danced in place by the door, as Laetetia powered down the engines.   Tabitha pulled the door release lever, and the G-IV’s door opened, dropping the staircase to the ground. 

Jeremy Irons’ cultured voice piped up through Sam’s VisionCollar, “Thank you, Tabitha.  I don’t think I could have held it another minute.”

“Too much bacon?”

“You have no idea,” he purred.

Sam raced down the stairway, ran outside the hangar, and made a giant, yet oddly cute, mess on the concrete tarmac.  He sighed heavily in relief,  and scampered back up the stairs.

“Better, Sam?” asked Tabitha.

“Ay me! for aught that I could ever read,
Could ever hear by tale or history,
The course of true love never did run as smooth, as crispy bacon through my noble bowels.”

“`A Midsummer Night’s Dream’?”
“Your mind is as delightfully sharp as the nails with which you scratch me back by my tail,” Jeremy Irons said through the VisionCollar.  Sam jumped up and smacked Tabitha on the ass with his paw, then walked back to the FunCabin, where a strategery session was underway.

In the Pacific Northwest, GB, humble design genius by day, was putting on the uniform of her secret identity, Madame Teal.  She zipped her way into the black leather tights, bustier, jacket and boots, and wrapped her namesake teal scarf around her porcelain neck.

“Let’s go kick some ass,” she said, twisting on the spot, and disapparating to a private airline hangar in Rancho Mirage, California.  Sadly, Madame Teal apparated with one of her high-heeled boots in the newly created, yet elegant, mess.

“Dammit,” she whispered.  “CRAP MINION!!!!!!!”

Giovanni, the SisterVision Hangar Attendant and Crap Minion came running.  He hit his knees, and cleaned Madame Teal’s boots until they shone like obsidian mirrors.  

“I am SO sorry,” he groveled.  “I beg your forgiveness!”

Madame Teal looked at her super-shiny boots and, still being in a post-coital glow, said charitably, “It’s okay this time.”

She smacked Giovanni in the ass and added, “But do NOT let it happen again!”

Giovanni, remembering the ass-whupping Madame Teal had administered to the last Crap Minion who’d failed, groveled his thanks.

Ginger Sister, Kelly Vision, and their minions, Tabitha and Dmitri, walked down the G-IV’s stairway.  Sam the Wonderdog had his game face on, as he glared imperiously from Kelly’s arms.   The girls hugged Madame Teal in greeting; Sam tried to smack her on the ass, but Kelly pulled him away.   They climbed into the waiting Lamborghini LM 002 SUV.

A few miles away, at the edge of the desert, the man in the Guy Fawkes Mask realized how parched he was after his journey.  He found an Elvis Pez dispenser in his pocket.  As the Teal-Sister-Vision Team rumbled toward The Facility, as the Evil Minion League wheeled the Cheneymonster’s command coffin through The Facility’s woods, the man in the Lego Cruiser Kzinti Mark II  raised the Pez dispenser to his desert-chapped lips.


5 Responses to “Convergence”

  1. Oh my1 Such a power packed, super charged ending. My nipples are aglow!

  2. sped its hovery way is a fabulous phrase.

    I’m afraid that I must agree with Kelly — Sam shouldn’t be using Uncle Walter’s voice to say that kind of thing.

    • I agree. That was totally uncalled for on Sam’s part. He’s a headstrong little guy with his own ideas of propriety. I apologize if his lack of couth and respect caused you any discomfort.

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