Oh, Crap

“The trap is working, master.  Ginger Sister and Kelly Vision are on their way, as you’d known they’d be.”

“Good,” sneered the voice of Dick Cheney, from its newly adopted body, Hank Jonas, the Fallen Fourth Brother.  “And my archnemesis? He comes with them?”

“Yes, Master. The little dog, too.”

“Leave me, now,” the Cheneymonster commanded, smacking his minion on the ass.

The small, scared minion left the room.

Cheneymonster looked at the giant monitor screen and cackled softly.

“Oh, Sam.  Bad, bad dog.”

His sudden laughter echoed throughout the cold, dank, underground lair.  “BAD DOG!”

In his private VisonJet cabin, 40,000 feet above Arizona, Sam the Wonderdog whimpered softly in his sleep.

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11 Responses to “Oh, Crap”

  1. Oh, I don’t like this update. 😦 I especially don’t like it since I’m at work and Sam is home! ALONE!

  2. I don’t like Dick Cheney at all. Doubly so for him being a Jonas brother…

  3. This is scary.

    But I have confidence in our heroines.

  4. I really want the back story. What did happened between DC and Sam that made them arch nemesses (sp)?

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