Update From Painville


If you’ve read my blogs over time, you know that I used to have a problem with corn.

Specifically, corn that was mixed with other grains, then fermented.  (It was these grain byproducts that caused the issue. ;))

One of the lovely side effects from my grain years was something called “peripheral neuropathy.” In short, I couldn’t feel my feet.  This meant that I had to make sure my feet weren’t infected or cut off, but otherwise i’d be fine.  There was no pain.

Untill Tuesday night. Then, holy shit what pain.  It was like people were burning my feet with acid or lava, attacking them with a cheese grater, or poking them with wires.  The lovely part was that there was nothing physically wrong with my feet: no blisters or cuts or burns. I could touch my feet all day long, and I couldn’t even feel anything.

But those jolts and stabs and burns felt real.

I took various OTC and prescription pain meds, and they all failed. (Granted, “V for Vendetta” was very interesting with my blood chemistry, but my feet still hurt).

All told, I probably got 45 minutes of sleep Wednesday night. I left work very early, came home, and basically growled and whined all night.

Thursday was payday. I cashed my check, and headed to the doctor.  I knew what was wrong: peripheral neuropathy.  I knew she’d prescribe gabapentin, one of the few drugs used to treat PN.

She did a test on my feet. She had a probe that was dull on one end and sharp on the other. She asked to tell her which I felt. I felt nothing, except for shooting pain that wasn’t really there.

She wrote me a scrip for gabapentin. As soon as I got it filled, I bought a Diet Mountain Dew and swallowed one.

Within two hours, I was 1000% better.

The doc told me she could write me a precription for “Dilaudid or Oxycontin or Morphine” and it wouldn’t touch the pain.  I told her i’d be willing to try out those three…you know, just in the name of science. 😉

What I really said was that I understood.  A friend had given me a powerful pain reliever, and it did nothing.

24 hours ago, I was in extreme pain for what seemed kind of ridiculous: phantom pain in my nerve-dead feet.  The meds have started to work. It’s not “all clear” yet, but it’s better.  I’ll be able to sleep tonight, and tomorrow I should be able to return to work.

I look at the past 48 hours as a sort of reality check.  A few years ago, I went to that same office, in the same treatment room, and I complained about another frightful, strange pain. That one almost killed me.  This one…I’m counting my blessings, in the form of little numb piggies.

Happy Friday.


18 Responses to “Update From Painville”

  1. I’m so glad you (or, technically, your doctor) found something to help! I can’t imagine how scary and awful that must be. 😦

    • Thanks Kelly. I’m remarkably blessed that I haven’t had more problems, and I’m grateful for that. (I’m also aware that this gratitude is much easier to feel today than yesterday ;))

  2. Happy Friday, Tom, so glad to hear you’re getting some relief.

  3. christinaheart Says:

    I’m glad your feet are no longer on fire. I’m also very glad no one’s trying to grate your feet. I mean, what’s the point? Feet scrapings do not equal taste food toppings or anything like that.

    • I always thought feet scrapings were a main ingredient in scrapple. 😉 Maybe the gabapentin works by making my foot scrapings taste bad for the demons. Whatever its mechanism of action, it works. Thank God. Have an awesome weekend.

  4. At least they didn’t find anything else that you needed to be hospitalized for a couple months over. Always a good thing.

    • Good point, sir. I’m glad they didn’t find anything truly nasty. Then again, she ordered full bloodwork and scheduled a follow-up for next month. Plenty of time to review old “House” episodes and find something heinous to give me.

    • A friend told me her docs thought she had sarcoidosis, and I laughed. “They’ll rule that out and come up with the right disease eventually.” Seriously, there’s a sarcoidosis spell in each story, usually around :25 into the ep. By :40, they’ve moved on.

  5. O tom! I’m sorry you were in so much pain over the week. I hope it becomes just a memory as we head into Samhain. (But stay away from the corn candy! 😉

  6. Tom, if your doc hadn’t prescribed that, I’d have suggested you suggest it to them. It’s truly a wonder drug. One of the B vitamins is recommended as well, but I don’t recall since I got the gabapentin. 🙂

    • Gabapentin is an awesome drug. The difference it’s made in 23 hours is remarkable, and greatly appreciated. As part of my wake-up call, I’m taking vitamins regularly. The multivitamin has a huge B Complex, which I’m certain will help.
      Btw, your comment on the Chex Mix with Stephen Fry is the best. Whenever I open the WP widget, that comment is displayed, thus giving me the image of Mr Fry and me cutting-up and having such fun that a friend is stricken with loose stool water. Thanks for that. 🙂

      • Uh, you’re welcome?

        I had a dream last night with Fry and Laurie in it. Not as amusing as it should have been, but then my brain is not as clever as theirs.

  7. Yikes, but very glad you’re getting relief. Keep taking care!

  8. Freedom Smith Says:

    Is this a problem that will continue or is this like a “flare up?” I am glad they were able to help you and that you are feeling so much better. Get some restful sleep tonight!

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