Sunday Night Mental Chex Mix

* I hate when I really like a band’s debut single, then hate the follow ups.  Invariably, the follow ups are the only ones I ever hear.

* I don’t want to name names, so I’ll just say that one such band rhymes with “Fruity and the Ho’ Swish.”

* “Hold My Hand”? Brilliant! Anthemic! Subsequent hit singles? Loose stool water.

* Thank you Stephen Fry for “loose stool water.”

* I mean for the term, not for the actual substance.

* Eww

* I follow Stephen Fry on Twitter.  He’s a brilliant and funny actor, but he leads a very interesting life.  When the Pope visited the UK last month, Mr Fry was among a group of Britons who signed a letter stating that the Government should treat the Pontiff’s visit as a religious visit, not an official State Visit. (Ie, the Pope is Head of the Vatican State)

* Some columnist or another decried Mr Fry, et al, for foisting some sort of Atheist Hate Campaign.

* I don’t know whether Mr Fry is an Atheist.  I’m not. It’s not my concern what he believes or whom he mounts.

* I do know that several times a day, Stephen Fry tweets links to charitable organizations, urging his 1.2 million followers to help out if they’re able, or at least to learn more.

* I think God would follow @stephenfry, and that God would approve of Mr Fry’s philanthopic efforts.

* I also think God would *snerk* over “loose stool water.”

* Probably the phrase and the phenomenon.

* I guess I can’t imagine God would rather we be dogmatic and devout and burn down churches with whom we disagree than non-believers who help people.

* Just saying.

* I went in to work this evening, just for 3 hours of OT. It was actually easy and fun, and I spent one of the hours in a creative meeting.

* April, one of my coworkers, is the one who Typhoid Mary’d the Snotstock ’10 virus around the office.

* She feels like crap tonight, like it’s coming back for round two.

* Bollocks.

* Another coworker told me she had a big bowl of chocolate at her desk.  I asked her if she had any shrimp at her desk.

* What? I’ve been craving shrimp!

* I think shrimp get screwed, honestly. If I ran the world, I’d have a big bowl of bacon-wrapped grilled shrimp on my desk, and anyone who wanted one could help themselves.

* So I started feeling sickly as well, and I took some pre-emptive NyQuil. There IS a place serving shrimp till 0400, but I’m not leaving my house.

* The NyQuil has kicked in nycely (sic), and I’m going to watch V for Vendetta, a film about how the anarchist works for good, while the überreligious Chancellor is evil.

* V for Vendetta stars?

* Correct! Stephen Fry.

* For a bonus point: I hope round 2 of Snotstock ’10 doesn’t involve??

* You guessed it.  Have a great week, and I’ll take a pic of any shrimp I devour.

* Ob’yatiya  


9 Responses to “Sunday Night Mental Chex Mix”

  1. I thought Stephen Fry was that pizza delivery guy who fell into a cryo-pod and woke up in the year 3000. He’s the guy who fell in love with Leela? His best friend Bender, the bending robot? That Stephen Fry? On that TV show Futurama?

  2. You must make sure those shrimp are barbied to completion if you hope to avoid loose stool water.

  3. I would love to hear a conversation between you and Stephen Fry. I’d laugh so hard there might be loose stool water.

    Did you ever see the one-hour (minus commercials) interview/chat he did with Craig Ferguson earlier this year? No audience, just two old friends talking. It was delightful.

    • Lol. Next time Stephen Fry and I get together for wine & chat, we’ll take precautions ensuring your safety and comfort.

      I love Craig Ferguson when he has an old friend appear. I wish i’d seen his interview with Stephen Fry. That must have been awesome.

      Fry went to Asia and Australia a few months ago. I was fascinated following his trip, especially that a celeb posted the same snapshots we mouth-breathers would have.

    • I finally got around to watching the Fry-Ferguson chat. It was really good! Thanks for the recommendation. 🙂

  4. Freedom Smith Says:

    Great post. I got quite a kick out of how you sequel from one topic to another and then back again!! LOL. Some very interesting thoughts here. I wonder if the NyQuil had anything to do with the humor in the post 😀 I hope you feel better soon. Someone needs to tell that gal to stay home from work when she is sick!!

  5. christinaheart Says:

    I love Mental Chex Mix!

    I agree that God prefers people who help out humanity more than angry believers. You see, I believe that God is something that resembles love. And love doesn’t burn down churches, protest funerals or use the word “hate” in any capacity.

    Yay for love, ok?

    Of course, you can still follow love even if you’re an atheist. That’s the awesomesauce thing about it.

    Also, I want shrimp… like woah… but I won’t be having any because shrimp is expensive. 😦

    Oh, shrimp.

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