Thanks Vox

Vox is now closed.

Thank you for your love and support of Vox over the years.


Dear Vox,

Thank you for existing, and for all the great times we’ve shared the past three years.

Three years ago, I had trouble writing.  I’d been out of rehab for two years, and I hadn’t written anything longer than an awkward e-mail since.  In October 2007, my friend Lani gave me her daughter’s blogger address, being justifiably proud of her daughter’s literary brilliance.  I was inspired to try and write, and I started a blog of my own.  

Boy-howdy, was it a struggle.  My first post was just weak, unfocused, awkward.  My friend Ali (Ama_Duende) convinced me to move over to Vox.

That made a difference.  Sure, my writing would’ve improved anyway with practice, but there was something different and cool about Vox.  I only knew Ali when I started, but soon other people were adding me to their neighborhoods: friends Ali had, who saw my name on her list and figured they’d take a shot. 

I think my first comments came from Jenny Exiled, Shush Now, and Gunderson Bee.  My circle expanded, too.  I added these people, and I was able to learn about their lives.  From their lists, I met other friends: Kirk, Street Vein, various Jenns, ShushNow, Elyse, RobbieDobbie, and dozens of others.  

This was new to me, and I was excited by my new friends.  Within a couple months, I felt comfortable, as if I were truly a member of a community. 

Then I got Fournier’s Gangrene, and I was trapped in the hospital for 35 days.  My Vox friends were as real and helpful to me during those days as my “real-life” friends.  The thoughts and prayers and good vibes were real (although I must point out that there was a paucity of beverages being sent to me from Voxiverse denizens 😉 ).

I blogged a lot for my first year or two.  Then I got really busy working.  I ended up with a Punkin, which took a lot of time, and I got a promotion, which left me with less surplus mental energy.  But I still wrote when I could.

On the pages of Vox, I eulogized friends and famous people; I recounted some insane NyQuil dreams, and related some of the tamer adventures of Ginger Sister and Lindsay Lohan.  I wrote a bunch of “Mental Chex Mix” posts, which were just creatively named word poots with no logical flow.  I shared a lot with my Vox people, things I wouldn’t normally have felt comfortable writing.  I wrote about the Fournier’s, and I described my calamitous Mardi Gras tale. 

What made Vox special, though, wasn’t what I wrote, though.  It was what I read from others, stories redolent with laughter and tears, anger and joy.  I could read a story about somebody’s cat, and I could relate.  (Honestly, I think Ana-Sofia Vargas had more fans than I did sometimes.)  The comments I got made me feel like I wasn’t just some demented half-giant Cracker with a website.  I was a demented Hagridean Cracker who had found likeminded souls all over the world.

I’ve found a lot of my Vox friends here in the new place: Riss, CherCabula, Mariser, Freedom, E/A(my), Little Odd Me, the Lauri(e)s, etc.  The list goes on.  I’m glad you’re here, and I’m glad we’ve stayed in touch.  The writing will still be good, and life will continue apace.  The food will be as good, but the booths aren’t quite as comfortable.  In time, I’m sure we’ll work our ass-prints into the cushions.

So Vox? Thanks a bunch.  We appreciate you, and we’ll miss you.



4 Responses to “Thanks Vox”

  1. Just quit leaving gum under the tables and we’ll call it even. M’kay?

    • No. You know how stingy they are with napkins, and Ginger Sister said she’d shank me if I just set it on the table again.

  2. Freedom Smith Says:

    Great post. I did not know about rehab. If you don’t mind me asking, were you in an accident? What a neat way to begin writing again. I am glad I read this post because I had no idea you had been through this! Glad we still have our neighborhood, or sorts, here at wordpress. Still much to learn and I wish it was more private, but I care enough about my blogging friends to keep going, even if the cushions are not as comfortable 🙂

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