Happy Birthday


A long, long time ago, in a place called Baltimore, my best friend John was born.

Former member of The Order of the Green Cat and The R-Squad, all-star baseball player, the best four-square player ever, and one-time arch-nemesis of gila monsters, John was there for my early dorky years.  Thankfully, he’s also been there for my later dorky years. (Although, I think I was actually cool for one summer when I was 16)

After college, John worked for Heartless Greed Pharmaceuticals.  He decided that left him unfulfilled, so he got his Master’s at Hopkins and began teaching high school English.  He met and married the lovely and verrrry patient Colleen (at which event I gave the all-time greatest best-man toast ever!). They gave birth to three boys (well, Colleen did the hard part), and moved to Catonsville, as required by Maryland law.

We don’t talk as much as we used to, but I always know he’s there for truly important things, like our ridiculously fussy and complicated Oscar bet.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, ya bastard. Here’s to many more.

(This is my first post entirely written with the WordPress Android app. Yay)


7 Responses to “Happy Birthday”

  1. Yet another reason why I need to buy an Android! But hope John had a good one. English teachers rock! 😉

  2. christinaheart Says:

    Ooooh, you wrote the entire thing + an image on your PHONE? That’s pretty awesome!

    PS: Happy Birthday, John!

    • I was surprised at how easy it was. Granted, this was neither long nor especially complex–just a paragraph or two and John’s official school picture–but it was intuitive and fairly simple.

  3. Freedom Smith Says:

    I am glad someone mentioned in the comment what an android was. LOL, you are probably shocked that some of us do not know. Cool that you did this post from your phone. Wow, it looks awesome!!

    What, exactly, is the guy in the picture pointing to? LOL

    • I should fess up, Freedom. That’s not John’s English class in the picture. 😉

      • Freedom Smith Says:

        I was looking at the cartoon and all of the sudden, I realized that what he was pointing at looked a lot like something one might see in an anatomy class 🙂 ROFL!

  4. Happy birthday, John! (Also, yay, Baltimore!)

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