Happy Birthday Punkin

Staceypunkin was born on July 27, which is just perfect for her.  Why?


Because Leo Durocher and A-Rod were born on July 27th, and Stacey loves baseball.


Because Singaporean comic book artist Foo Swee Chin was born 7/27/77, and my Punkin is a wonderful colorer. 


Because Maya Rudolph and Bill Engval are also 7/27 babies, and Stacey loves to laugh, and makes me laugh.


Because legendary film critic Vincent Canby was born on July 27, and the girl is very picky about what movies she watches (maddeningly picky sometimes) 😉 .


Because actress/director Betty Thomas was born July 27th, 1948; Ms Thomas directed “The Brady Bunch Movie,” and Stacey’s family is like about 10 Brady Bunches combined.


Because on July 27th, 1987, RMS Titanic, Inc, began salvaging The Titanic, and Punkin would certainly never allow a shipwreck to litter her clean floors for 74 years.


Because July 27th, 1949 saw the first flight of the DeHavilland Comet, the world’s first jet-powered passenger plane; S wants to travel and see mountains and snow.


Because Bugs Bunny made his first appearance on July 27th, 1940, and Punkin loves cartoons.


Because on this date 143 years ago, Cyrus W. Field successfully installed the first trans-Atlantic telegraph cable; Stacey doesn’t send telegraph messages, but text messages.


Perhaps most of all, July 27th is National Sleepy Head day in Finland.  Staceypunkin is frequently tired, because she’s so busy being awesome 24/7.  Happy Birthday, babe.  I hope this is your best year ever. 

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6 Responses to “Happy Birthday Punkin”

  1. And also my Wookie Girl's birfday too… 19 today… Lordy, I'm getting old…
    Happy Birthday everyone!

  2. You can just cut and paste, print it out, and POUF! Instant card!
    Well, assuming everything's the same. 😉 Happy birthday to WG. Must have been a great day for females to be born.

  3. Happy birthday to the punkin!!! What a nice way to celebrate it!

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  5. Hooray for SP! My sis was born 7/27 too! Definitely good day for girls! 😀

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