Things on Tuesday

The Bitter:

  • A coworker got taken away in an ambulance Saturday night.  She's in the hospital, and the doctors are trying to figure out what's wrong with her.  I hate ambulances and hospitals and sickness and all that misery.  I had my share of it, and I feel bad for her.  (Good thoughts/prayers/healing vibes/whatever you do, for K, please)
  • One of my closest friends is having some neurological issues.  She goes for tests next Tuesday.  She's worried, and I can only reassure her so much. (Same thing, for D, please)
  • Too many of my friends are suffering in this economy.
  • The biggest problem with my new shift–other than missing my Punkin and my peeps–is that there's no freakin' parking.  Seriously, I might as well leave my truck at home and just walk in for as far away as I have to park some days. 

The Sweet:

  • I have awesome friends, both here in my "real world" and via the Interwebs.  I'm grateful for them all.  A fitting movie quote from "Tombstone":
  • Turkey Creek Jack Johnson: Why you doin' this, Doc?
    Doc Holliday: Because Wyatt Earp is my friend.
    Turkey Creek Jack Johnson: Friend? Hell, I got lots of friends.
    Doc Holliday: …I don't.
  • Like Doc Holliday, I don't have lots of friends.  Years ago during my dark decade, I chased all but the most steadfast of them away.  Now, I have some old ones and some new ones, and I'm grateful for them all (for YOU all).
  • Somebody reading the novel I wrote years ago and liking it, or at least finding some good in it.
  • Though it may be as hot and humid here as the devil's beer farts, we have the most gorgeous sunsets.
  • Today is my one year anniversary at my job.  I've done well by them, and they've done well by me.  I'm grateful to have a job, period, but especially one I like working for a good company alongside great people.
  • Ice cream! I don't have any at the moment, but knowing it exists on a warm summer night pleases me.
  • "Dead Like Me" on  Great show, if only for the line, "If only Romeo had masturbated twice a week, he'd have saved those two nice families a whole lot of trouble."
  • The new Harry Potter film opens tomorrow.  I'll have to save a few weeks to afford the $85 for admission and popcorn, but it will allow the crowds to die down a little.
  • I'm broke, but I have gas in the USS Nimitz; my rent is paid, the power on, plenty of cat fuel, and the Interweb is running fine.  Things could be much worse.
  • That stupid Farm Town game on Facebook.  Seriously.  It's oddly therapeutic in a zen way.  And I can garden and have chickens and cows without any of that nasty "nature" stuff getting all over me. 😉
  • Staceypunkin reports 10 fingers, 10 toes, one belly button, and a slightly elevated pulse, because her urban assault vehicle overheated on the drive home.
  • I'm happy to report 10, 10, 1, and steady.

I'll leave you with the creepy answer to the question, "What would it look like if Charlie Brown were painted realistically."  *shudders*  Have a great week, and let's be careful out there.


(Artist: Tim O'Brien; story here)

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10 Responses to “Things on Tuesday”

  1. (((Hugs))) and good thoughts for your friends and you.Charlie does look creepy! :-/

  2. Is Charlie one of your new friends? If so, watch out for the bitch Lucy…

  3. No, but I swear I used to drink with people who looked like that. Or maybe everyone did after a few pops. Hell, maybe I did! lol The dude shouldn't be allowed anywhere near elementary schools or Chuck E Cheese's either way.

  4. I think his friend Pigpen is a lot like Kenny from South Park…

  5. Hot as devil's beer farts? Ewwwwww. That's awful.I'll put some good words out there for all those friends that need them.Also, I picked a squash out the the garden we have the other night. It made me itchy… those leaves are prickly. Also, the squash was the size of my forearrm… it actually looked a little like every man's dream.Real Charlie Brown is creepy as hell. Keep him away from me in real life and in dreamland, please.

  6. Hot as devil's beer farts? Ewwwwww.It's not just the heat, C <3, it's the humidity. 😉

  7. oh, good lord. that pic is just creepy!

  8. Yay! Tom!
    I'll be praying for your buddies… health problems are the worst. Ugh.
    Also… know what's weird? Today is MY one-year anniversary at my job! Yay!

    Hope you're well, friend!

  9. Dead like me is finally on hulu?? We've been watching it on Surf the Channel… which is not nearly as pleasant as hulu but tends to have full or mostly full series.And yay Farm Town!! … Of course I play that, and Farmville, and Happy Farm and My Farm and spend a good chunk of my day farming imaginary farms…

  10. P.S. DLM is awesome.

    "Do your nipples get hard when you sneeze?" hahahaha

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