Sunday Thought Brunch (Hawaiian Wedding Style)

Yesterday, I noted that Mary and Amory were married in Hawaii.  It was later pointed out to me that just below my heartfelt blessing to them was a poster with a, well, um, something that doesn’t have anything to do with marriage, we’ll say.  Plus, it’s illegal in several states.  Anyway, in honor of their wedding, today’s Sunday Thought Brunch is hosted by the Princeville Resort’s Café Hanalei.  We’ll sample some tasty brunch items, and go through a traditional Hawaiian wedding blessing.


Salad: Spicy Crab and Kimchee with Cucumber–Aloha Mai (May you always be surrounded with love):  Life will throw lots of curveballs your way.  I’ve dodged some good ones in my earthbound tenure.  The one thing that’s made the whole thing bearable is the support and love of family and friends.  Yesterday was a great day.  I had lunch with my friend Hope, which gave us a chance to catch up and laugh, then a laugh-filled dinner with Staceypunkin.  Years ago, during my personal Dark Ages, I isolated, eschewing the presence of family and friends.  Thank God, some people wouldn’t let me push them away completely.  May your lives be filled with laughter and love from a multitude of friends and family.


Chilled Seafood and Specialty Items: Peel & Eat Shrimp with Horseradish Spiked Cocktail Sauce–Ea Ea (Every breath you take is sweet and good):  One of the sad truths is that we are fragile animals, at least compared to things like rocks or redwood trees.  There will be bizarre things that arise here and there, and you may find yourself sick or in the hospital.  I hope your down-times are few and brief, and that you enjoy being fearfully and wonderfully made (to quote the psalmist) with 20, 20, 2, and steady (to paraphrase my ToT).

Entrée: Pancit Noodles with Crispy Asian Duck—Ike Pono (See, Know, Recognize Goodness in you, others, everything): Many moons ago, I was 18 years old.  (yes, the moon was really there that long ago.  Be nice) Anyway, my friend Cassie and I were standing outside the AMC Lenox in Atlanta, waiting to see a midnight movie.  This very punk-looking kid walked up.  He had the sneer, the Mohawk, a safety pin through his nostril, just a…well, a punk.  He approached, and I bristled a bit.  Until he spoke.  “Excuse me, sir.  Ma’am.  Could you please tell me what time it is?” “Um, yeah.  It’s ten till twelve.” “Thank you, sir.  I hope y’all have a great evening.” It was easy to misjudge this kid based on a stereotype.  Turns out he was really nice.  There’s a spark of goodness in almost all of us.  Sometimes, it’s hard to see through all the darkness. May you find that quality in everyone and everything you encounter.

Desserts: Fresh Crepes with a Variety of Fillings (vanilla ice cream with cherries)—Ola Mau Loa (May your lives be long):  This one is self explanatory, but I’ll quote the sage words Warren Zevon left us: “Enjoy every sandwich.” Sure, I think it’s important to enjoy every reuben and patty melt, but I think the greater lesson is to take pleasure in the little things: watching sunsets, holding hands, smelling the rain, hearing the ocean.  Of course food is important.  I mean, even werewolves in London enjoy Lee Hoo Fok’s beef chow mein.


Champagne:  Verve Cliquot–Uwehe E  (Be free from harm) :  Well, this one is also pretty easy.  I hope the Universe treats you kindly, and that nothing happens that would cause your car or homeowner’s insurance premiums to increase.  May you live without fear, and without reason to fear.


Fresh Kona Coffee: “I Ho’okahi kahi ke aloha ua mau.”     Be united as one, in love forever.

This last one’s simple.  Mary.  Amory. Together in love.  Forever. 

I’m sure the wedding was beautiful.  I hope your marriage is even moreso.

Happy weekend, everyone, and Happy Fathers Day to all dads.

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15 Responses to “Sunday Thought Brunch (Hawaiian Wedding Style)”

  1. Mahalo Tom. What a beautiful Sunday Brunch. A perfect way to end my week. Have a great week. See you next Sunday!

  2. Thanks, Calley. Let's just hope nobody ends up on "texts from last night" after the reception. 😉

  3. Aloha Mai…. I like that.The punk kid you talk about… it reminded me of when I first met Eric. He hardly smiled. He looked uncomfortable and a little intimidating. Then I actually hung out with him (against my better judgement, haha) and found out he is one of the nicest people you could ever meet. :)Happy Sunday!

  4. Did he used to live in Atlanta? ;-)Some people make it really hard to find the good parts inside them, but I'm almost always able to do so. Those whom I can't? Well, the alligators are always hungry. 😀

  5. Tom, You are a sweet heart we did have a wonderful wedding and I will post wedding pictures soon!! You were sweet to dedicate your sunday brunch. mahlo nui loa and much Aloha. OH and did you catch my new middle name on facebook????

  6. I did! It's beautiful! I'm sure you're relieved it's over, and that you can just enjoy being married. Much happiness to you both, hon. (besides, nobody here serves spicy crab and kimchee on their Sunday Brunch menu (you two should drive down to Kauai for brunch and tell me how it is. It's just down the road from Oahu, right? 😉 ))

  7. indeed and around the corner from lanai as well

  8. Precisely. Next to McDonald's. 😉

  9. Wow, this is wonderful! And ya wanna know something amazing? (of course you do!)…guess what my hubby got for Father's day from me…..fresh ground Hawaiian Kona coffee! Strange but true! 🙂

  10. I almost always read these first thing on Monday mornings. It's a wonderful way to start my week. Thanks for, you know, being awesome and whatnot.

  11. It's supposed to be wonderful coffee. There are other things grown in Hawaii that I have sampled, and they were pretty spectacular. (I'm talking about macadamia nuts! Get your mind out of the bong! 😉 )It is a strange coincidence. The island spirit was busy this weekend.

  12. Dang! Ya caught me! :DLololol! Macadamia nuts are spectacular!

  13. You're welcome, Kel. I wish you all the awesomeness and whatnot you can get right now (just for God's sake, let somebody else carry it for you!). Translation from sleepy-geek language: "I hope your back feels better soon."

  14. Macadamia nuts are spectacular!As are you, gumdrop.

  15. Tom, If you have a po box or something let me know, I will get you some mac nuts and kona coffee

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