Happy Birthday Little Brother

(Just to be truly global, let's try and get as many different countries and US States to wish my little brother a happy burpday as possible.  So far, we have Canada (Laurie), Michigan (Lauri), and Kentucky (Mariser).  Chime in, and identify your state or country.  Thanks for your support.  Hot damn, this burg's jumpin' :-))

June is a busy month here.  We start off with my birthday on the 10th, followed by my parents' anniversary on the 12th, Fathers' Day, my Grandmother's Birthday on the 20th, my mom's birthday on the 22nd, and right there in the middle, Paul McCartney's Birthday on June 18th.

It is coincidental that Brother Mark was born on June 18th as well.  He's been an A #1 brother, too.  Like me, he hates having his picture taken–this is because (like our mother) he and I are decidedly unphotogenic–but Our Father, Who art a Shutterbug (hallowed be His Name), insisted, so we have this rare pic from my birthday dinner last Wednesday:

In this picture, once again, Mark had backed me up, something he's been doing our whole life together.  The Texas Cattle Company Manager had just refused to give me my free birthday steak, and Marky shot him.  Right through the forehead.  Hey, if you're going to act all old West with your name and motif, then you'd better not act all surprised if people show up with big mustaches and shoot you for crawfishing on a deal. 

Or using words like "crawfish" as a verb.

Just one example of how (as they said in "Tombstone") "you always back your brother's play," involved a bottle of bourbon.  My grandfather was a sportswriter and bourbon aficionado (can you be the former without being the latter?), and whenever he visited, he'd purchase a bottle of bourbon at our local liquor store, enjoy a few cocktails during his stay, then leave the rest here for next time.  Well, he came down to cover the Super Bowl one year, and that was it–there was no next time.  So there was a largely full bottle of bourbon in the pantry.  My mom had a pumpkin pie recipe which called for one teaspoon of bourbon.  She would thus use a teaspoon of my grandfather's bourbon every Thanksgiving and Christmas when she made pumpkin pies.  In addition to certain verbal skills, I very definitely inherited the bourbon aficionado gene from my grandfather.  So late one Christmas Eve, ma and pa were nestled all snug in their bed, and little brother and I were pillaging the kitchen for roast beast and Lord knows what else, when I spied with my thirsty bloodshot eye a bottle of bourbon! Yay! Mark pointed out correctly that there was a finite, irreplaceable quantity of bourbon in the bottle.  I said, "Well, we could just say it evaporated." He rolled his eyes, and continued piling four pounds of leftovers on his sandwich. 

The next day, I heard my mom and brother banging around in the kitchen.  My mom asked my brother to get "Papaw's bourbon" out of the pantry.  I froze. 

"Boy, it looks like it's gone down a lot since last year."
"Yeah, it does.  But the cap is loose.  It probably evaporated."

God bless you, little brother!

Anyway, I could go on with other stories, but I won't.  Suffice to say, there are far more instances of him covering my ass than stabbing me in the back.  In the great brother algebra, that's the best you can hope for.  Thanks, #2.  And have a happy one. 

Here's one more picture from back when Our Father was teaching him how to drive.  (Sorry, little bro: the expression on dad's face is too priceless) 😉

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37 Responses to “Happy Birthday Little Brother”

  1. happy birthday to brother Mark. though he'll always be brother Steve to me.such a comforting feeling knowing he'll be your huckleberry.

  2. He was supposed to be Amy Margaret, so I'm sure he'd be perfectly fine with Steve. lol And yeah. He's an oak. 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday to Mark! What a crazy month June is for you guys. And how do you fit Paul McCartney's celebration in with everything else???

  4. Honestly, since Linda died, we just send a card anymore.

  5. (take two)Well, we no longer need him nor feed him, since he turn 64.

  6. Not only a bad joke, but I wrote "turn" instead of "turned." Plus, could you at least give me one *snerk* in honor of my brother's birthday? 😉

  7. I now feel compelled to use "crawfishing" as a verb. Is it permissible north of the border?

  8. You're a daisy if you do. 😉

  9. Damned if I didn't forget to Snerk again!I may have Alzheimer's!(but at least I don't have Alzheimer's) Snerk! :)Oh my…."You're a daisy if you do." Is that a South-ren expression, too?

  10. Going back to Mariser's comment, all manner of comments come from Tombstone: "I'm your huckleberry," "You're a daisy if you do;" "You're an oak;" "crawfish on a (bet)," etc. I refer to work wife A as "my dusky-hued lady satan," and she grins, since she's seen "Tombstone" nearly as many times as I have. Watch the movie. Learn the language. And thanks for the snerk, Al. I mean, Lauri. 😉

  11. OH! Man, I am Tombstone deficient! Many many apologies! I did see it….but too many years ago. Signed, Al 😦

  12. Wal, pardner, wish your bro a happy day from Californ-i-a.

  13. Happy Birthday #2!! There, now you've got one from Texas.

    I have never seen Tombstone. But maybe I need to?

  14. I think you'd like Tombstone, Killer. It's part of my permanent library.

  15. I'll add another country. Happy Birthday from Japan!you're born the same day as my mother, btw!

  16. Happy Birthday from Missouri. And just so you know, I'm your Huckleberry…

  17. The State of Oregon and the State of Maine (I pretend to have dual residency) want me to wish your brother a supah dupah happy birthday!!!

  18. *waves* Happy BDay from Colorado!

  19. Me loves the hats!
    Happy Birthday Brother Mark from Massachusetts!
    Hippo Birdie Two Ewes….

  20. I didn't actually wish your brother a happy birthday above, so now I will, to make if official from the Great White North aka Canuckistan. Happy Birthday, Brother Mark!

  21. Happy birthday to your little bro from the future (ie timezones ahead of yours). Now Australia is represented!

  22. Happy Birthday little brother from Australia.

  23. Happy Birthday to tom's bro from one of his neighbors in Minnesota. Too bad he didn't get a birthday steak. Maybe we could send him a birthday walleye?(Almond crusted and pan fried, with real Minnesota morels! Um yummy!)

  24. Happy Birthday to Brother Mark!

  25. "Yadhtrib Yppah" from South Dakota!!! (We're a little backward up here…)

  26. Sun yat fai lok from Hong Kong! 🙂

  27. Happy Birthday from Boise, Idaho. xoxo
    I ❤ Tombstone.

  28. Happy Birthday to you sir brother of the Tom-Tom monster! Hope it's a good one

  29. Happy birthday to brother M from the Philippines! :-)Happy belated birthday to you, too, Tom. 🙂

  30. Maraming salamat, Jennifer. Ako ay dalawang daang gulang na. 😉

  31. Happy Birthday from Brother Mark. From your Work-Wife-In-Law LOL (you'll have to ask Tom) Hope your day is the best

  32. OMG i cant believe my grammar is so bad today. I'm blaming it on the pain meds for my neck. Sorry about that Brother Mark.. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

  33. Ganoon ka na katanda? 😮 Hahaha!Happy Sunday, Tom!

  34. You know it, hon. 😉 Happy Sunday to you, too.

  35. Happy Birthday from Oregon!

  36. You had your birthday, too? Sorry for forgetting to greet you!Belated Sun Yat Fai Lok, Tom! 🙂

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