Things on Tuesday 6/16/09

Yuck bucket:

  • Extreme difficulty waking up this morning.  I was having a spectacular dream, and my right eye was still doing it's REM sleep happy dance.  Ana-Sofia Vargas nagged me awake though, bless her fuzzy heart.
  • The economy right now sucking ass.  Too many friends are stressed and broke, or out of work.  Ramen futures must be skyrocketing.
  • It's been really hot the past few days.  Yeah.  Duh.  I'm in the subtropics, so it's going to be hot, but the heat index last night was 89 at midnight.  Somebody has really dropped the ball with our daily rain.  Let's get with it, people.

Vat of yay:

  • My friend Ann Marie had somebody close to her kidnapped. The kidnappers were really crazy, and made us do all sorts of bizarre errands before they'd release whomever it was.  We'd have to fly to Atlanta to drop off something, then fly back to Ft Myers (??) for further instructions.  Finally, we figured out that her husband was involved in the thing.  We got a tip that the kidnappers were going to be watching a DHL box in Sarasota, and we were there.  In the ensuing ambush, the cops asked if we'd like them to kick the shit out of the perps.  We said yes.  They commenced to kicking.
  • The previous entry was a dream, btw.  That's a good thing, because I hate both flying and massive kidnapping plots.
  • I talked to a friend of mine, and she was having a bad day.  She said she was using "Ten fingers, ten toes, one belly button, and a steady pulse" as a sustaining mantra.  I'm glad it could help her.
  • The phrase came from when I was in ICU, and there really wasn't much I could count on.  I could see my fingers and toes, though, and looked over my shoulder and saw this:
  • I should mention that I also took great comfort from the Dilaudid pump (not pictured).
  •  One side-effect of the tough times is that people seem to help each other more.  I help out my friends when I'm able. 
  • No matter how hot it gets outside, it's always 72 degrees inside my cave.  It makes me grateful I have a cave, as well as sufficient resources to optimize its environment.
  • The nesting yellow crested night herons' babies are leaving the nest.  Soon, Roberto the Cleaning Guy's war against bird droppings will be over.  If Wile E. Coyote had showed the same tenacity as Roberto, bless him, the Roadrunner would have been deep fried long ago.
  • The friendly vampires of Florida Blood Services sent me a birthday e-card last Wednesday.  In honor of this, I shall donate another pint of concentrated liquid tom at 0915.  I brought the good stuff this morning.
  • Staceypunkin reports 10 fingers, 10 toes, one lovely belly button, and a steady pulse.
  • And for yet another Tuesday, my current inventory shows 10, 10, 1, and steady.

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8 Responses to “Things on Tuesday 6/16/09”

  1. Awwwwww. Staceypunkin. That's cuuute.


  2. I'll pass that along. 😉

  3. 10,10,1 and steady. Over and out!Whoa to the cool dream. I had one night before last that was very long and involved and had a good plot. I swore to myself I was going to remember it for a few days. However, I lied to myself. Ah, well. I could not wake up this morning, either. In fact, I am still groggy. That's what I get for allowing myself a "sleep-in" day. I really should not do that. Ok, I need some brekkies and then to accomplish….um……something! :)Lol at Yuck bucket and Vat of Yay. You have such a nimble mind. You do, but I also wanted to just say "nimble".

  4. I got to bed at 4:00 and up at 7:00… ugh. But if I had a dream about someone getting their asses kicked, I'd opt for it too… LOL

  5. You skeert me on the kidnapping dream. I'm glad you included it was just a dream!
    btw…I hope you had a fanTOMstic birthday! 🙂

  6. Nimble is a fun word. Bucolic? Not so much. Hope your Yay vat is filled to overflowing today. 🙂

  7. I've been a nightowl my entire adult life, and it kills me to wake up at 0530 five days a week. Dreams with well-photographed violence, though, make it worthwhile.

  8. Thanks, Carlisa. It was a fanTOMtastic day. 🙂 The dream was awesome, although you're right: I can see why you'd be skeert seeing that under my "vat of yay" list, especially before the disclaimer. lol

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