With a Little Help from My Friends.

Things I've learned from chatting with my vox neighbors:


*-Methabolism: the biological furnace that makes speed-freaks so skinny.

*-The average sales guy's brain would be on the kid's menu at a zombie tapas bar.

*-There are four ounces of Beejeezus in the human body.  I'd  have thought more.

*-The recipe for Poverty Primavera is as follows:

Ramen noodles+whatever cheap veggies there are in the house+chicken bologna or other cheap meat.  Stir.  Eat.  Pray for payday

*-Rats mark things with urine, and thus must be washed occasionally.

*-Nosebleeds lead to sharp boogers, like garnet colored glass shards.

*-It pleases me that the word "smegmolith" exists.

Kellee [7:44 AM]:


=the emo hollow

Tom [7:44 AM]:

It sounds like a tree full of emo elves

Kellee [7:45 AM]:


Tom [7:45 AM]:

They'd bake cookies full of bittersweet chocolate and ennui

*- Some cookies full of bittersweet chocolate and ennui would be pretty tasty right now, especially straight from the oven.

*-Napalm smells like victory in the morning.  In the afternoon, it smells more like frangiapani.

*-That's about it.  Have a great weekend!

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4 Responses to “With a Little Help from My Friends.”

  1. I used to work for Keebler. They have a lot of Disgruntled Elves working there. I also met quite a few Apathetic Elves too…
    I think the bi-polar ones make those new cracker/pretzel snack things…

  2. Yep. Four ounces.Also, I will have to keep the Poverty Primavera recipe in the back of my head for that day when I finally get my own hole in the wall, er, I mean "apartment."Nosebleed boogers really do suck… a lot.

  3. Total props to you for pointing out that there are only four ounces of bejeezus in the average human. I inadvertently didn't give you credit. Maybe it's your banking background that gave you this information, since Lord knows the banks are scarier than anything else out there right now. 😉

  4. My bank isn't scary, I don't think. Maybe it is. I prefer to remain blissfully ignorant. You see, my original bank "consolidated" with another bank. It's not a merger because they kept their original (or "maiden") names. They tell us we're simply pooling our resources so we can offer more to our customers.*ahem*Well, whatever. They just bumped me up from part-time to full-time. So they can't be doing too badly, I suppose… Blissfully. Ignorant. 🙂

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