It’s my Friday (pause for giant, multicontinental cheering), and I’m having one of those mornings. 


I should rephrase: my morning is going fine.  I got some sleep last night, and I woke up this morning.  No longer do I take waking up for granted.  I walked out of my nice, cool, clean cave into a steamy subtropical night.  The air was thick and still, perfumed by the ubiquitous blooming oleander.  Venus and Jupiter were standing watch in the eastern sky, either reflecting sunlight or ruling the sky with might and wisdom depending on whose interpretation you believe. 


The problem is, I just can’t wake up completely.  Not a big deal.  I just walked over to the café and got a giant cup of high-test coffee, and I’m sure my blood will start circulating again.  I’m not even tired-grumpy, which I hate.  I’m happy to be at work, sitting at my desk (FINALLY), helping the occasional client.  They’re few and far between this morning, and that’s fine.  It gives me time to blather in here. 


I’m sad Dom DeLuise died.  I never thought he was especially hilarious in movies, but he always looked like he enjoyed his life.  I saw him on Jon Favreau’s excellent show, “Dinner for Five” a couple times.  Dom was smart and funny, and he brought a lot of happiness to people.   


To me, that earns high marks.  Some people I encounter leave the world a better place.  Others leave misery in their path, acting only for their selfish motives, even wrecking other people’s happiness simply because they’re miserable. 


Hey, I understand that life isn’t all Peach Melba with fried egg.  It can be a pain in the ass.  I get that.  As John Irving wrote, “In the world according to Garp, we are all terminal cases.” Milan Kundera further observed, “Life, there is no joy in this; life, dragging ones painful self through the world.  But being is a fountain, a fountain upon which the universe falls like warm rain.”  (or something like that) 


We are ruled by that inside us which we feed.  Do we spend our life force on bills and work crap, on the world’s abrasive beatings? Or do we appreciate the blessings which rain down upon us: that we have homes, pulses, food to eat, even thick spring air perfumed with flowers?


It’s a choice we make, honestly.  Every day, I talk to people who have problems.  Some people deal with their problems; others become their problems.  I pity those who can’t laugh, even in the face of unpleasantness.  They harsh on my mellow.  Scrooge had the right idea, if the wrong targets: let’s boil these psychospiritual vampires in their own pudding, and bury them with a stake of holly through their hearts. 


This would put them out of their misery and mine.


Let’s try to have fewer self-important Christian Bales, railing at length over somebody’s simple mistake, and more Dom DeLuises, laughing and joking and enjoying our limited time on this rock.


Happy Tomweekend!

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10 Responses to “Mittwoch”

  1. What a wonderful perspective. Have a nice weekend!!! 🙂

  2. I envy your oleander-scented night, especially since out here, even the daffodils are afraid to come up. I also like your Kundera quote, though I always thought his outlook on life was excessively sour. I also wish more people were like you. The world would be a far more pleasant place to walk in if they were.

  3. Dom was an OK guy. Silly, goofy, but OK…

  4. Yeah, Milan isn't the cheeriest writer, but he makes some good points. The world could use more like you, as well. 🙂 Thanks

  5. Agreed. I have to admire someone who got a 45 year career out of his abilities. He wasn't the most talented guy on earth, but he used what he had to the utmost, and he enjoyed a good life.

  6. Thanks, Carlisa. I hope you and yours have an awesome Tomweekend as well. 🙂

  7. Yes, more people should be like Dom. he laughed at everything – and he made me laugh, even if he was silly.

  8. I ❤ you like a fat kid LOVES cake…(ie ALOT)

  9. I ❤ you too, Kelly. And cake. In fact, if you were here right now with a cake…;-)

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