Monday Happy Thought

If you have a case of the Mondays, here's some perspective from Natalie Dee:

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8 Responses to “Monday Happy Thought”

  1. Heee!
    Made my day. 🙂

  2. This is the philosophy I try to live by. 🙂 I succeed about 50% of the time.

  3. I love Natalie Dee. And she makes an excellent point, as usual.

  4. Listen here Tom!

    It's my Monday and I'll bitch if I want to!! ;P hehehehe.
    Don't make me get the pig mask! lmao.
    Happy Monday! Btw, did you get those TPS reports done yet?? ..Ummm..if not..umm.. yyyeeeeeaaahhh.. I'm gonna need you to come in..on Saturday, ok?

  5. Kersten? We're gonna need to go ahead and move you downstairs into storage
    B. We have some new people coming in, and we need all the space we can
    get. So if you could just go ahead and pack up your pig mask and clear heels and move it
    down there, that would be terrific, OK? 😉

  6. lol. good point. 😀

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