No More Szechuan Before Bed

From the odd dreams file…

I was at a combination sheriff's station/old country store in southern Dreamstate County, Florida, and I needed to put gas in my truck.  The receptionist, a grizzled older lady, told me to help myself to the pump out back, but not to take all the gas.  I reassured her that I'd only use a couple gallons, just what I'd burned on Dreamstate Sheriff's Department business.  My former biology teacher, Mr Malinsky (think of Ernest Borgnine, only not nearly as handsome (sic)), was there, and he asked if I didn't need him to loan me $100.  I knew I had to get a prescription refilled, plus there was something else I needed the money for, so I took it.  He shook his head, obviously saddened I'd accepted his offer.  My rationale was that since he died in 1988, there's no way I'd have to repay him.  Fine.  So cut to me being home, but in an odd, rough-hewn paneled apartment unlike my current cave, and I had paid an older man $35 to take Ana-Sofia Vargas off my hands.  He'd pocketed the money, but I couldn't let her leave with the guy.  I told him I wanted to cancel the deal.  I told him he could keep the money, but if he didn't give me back my cat, I'd kill him.  He said, "Fine!" and handed her over.  He stormed away down the hallway, and I woke up. 

There was more stuff, but it's evaporated into wherever dream details go.  I'm convinced that dreams are just the human brain taking all the disparate thoughts and memories we've had, shaking them up in a giant Yahtzee cup, dumping them out, and creating an encompassing narrative.  They often don't make sense, these narratives, but I suppose it's tough to create something cogent every night. 

And now, it's time to sleep again.  I'm keeping Ana-Sofia Vargas beside me, and I've hidden my wallet.  You know.  Just in case.  Have a happy Wednesday.

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9 Responses to “No More Szechuan Before Bed”

  1. Wow, Tom… I thought my dreams were crazy. I don't know how much faith I'd put in actually having my dreams interpreted, but I've often wondered why the recurring themes seem to be death, betrayal, and water. Strange….

  2. My biologist ex-BF described dreams as random occipital firings that simply aren't drowned out by other sensory input while we're sleep. Which makes me believe dreams go on in our heads all day, we just don't see them for all the other noise.

  3. Actually "random occipital firings in the neocortex" to quote him correctly.

  4. Don't let Ana-Sofia read this, Tom. She may hold it against you forever that you even entertained the idea.

  5. mmmm… szechuan

  6. dreams are crazy! this morning i dreamed that i was peeing in my bed. i woke up all scared that i might've peed. hehe.

  7. AND??? ;-)I get the dreams sometimes where I'm wandering around someplace, looking for a bathroom, and they're all out of order. Time to wake up and pee, old man. lol

  8. haha! luckily, i didn't pee. hehe.hehe. yup. i totally got up to pee right then. hehe.

  9. keep her close!!! put the wallet in the freezer!! and dont tell her what happened!!i hate when i have dreams like that i wake up frantically looking for whichever pet was in it!

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