Be Fearless, Friends.

A motivational poster for your office wall.

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5 Responses to “Be Fearless, Friends.”

  1. Bahahaha! That poor little girl!! (ok, I just typed "that poot little girl" which is probably more accurate!

  2. The mom doesn't look any less scared. I took my seven year old to Six Flags this year as a treat for getting straight A's. He was all excited to go on all the really big roller coasters, and talked about it for weeks. After the first two medium ones, he was ready to go home… I convinced him to at least stay for lunch… hehe.

  3. Not a big rollercoaster fan myself. You're right about the mom: she doesn't look too happy either. That little girl's expression is priceless, though.

  4. LOL! Awww, that's probably the face I make when I'm on rollercoasters too.

  5. The first time I put my daughter on the "Rebel Yell" (she WANTED to go on) at King's Dominion, she tried to jump off!!!!! I jit you not!!! I had to hold her down. She was seriously trying to open the bar and wiggle out. She was about 6 y/o at the time, I think.

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