A Tasty Afternoon Snack for You

Because Lord knows there are some days where a brownie just won't suffice, at least until you coat it in peanut butter, wrap it in cookie dough, and deep fry it. 

(More heart-clogging dinner ideas available here @ http://thisiswhyyourefat.com/)
(Thanks to Brother Mark for the heads up on this one)

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16 Responses to “A Tasty Afternoon Snack for You”

  1. You have nooooo idea how much I am drooling right now!

  2. It's NOT one of those brownies you and Carlisa were goofing on the other day. Just so you know. πŸ˜‰

  3. is it wrong that i want to try to recreate that brownie/cookie/PB monster at home?

  4. Perfectly understandable. Let me know how it works. πŸ™‚

  5. OMG! i looked at the original flickr stream … and holy horror! i don't think i want to try it anymore …

  6. I think this brownie can stand very well all on it's own, tom! πŸ™‚

  7. This is the best site I've seen. I can't stop looking at the disgusing, yet incredibly awe-inspiring food feats. Amazing. Truly amazing.

  8. One of my vox neighbors is a caterer and she posted photos of bacon she weaved into a little square piece of woven meat, fried it that way (to solidify the sheet of bacon), then rolled up shredded cheese into it, then did something else equally fattening to it, and then I stopped looking at the pictures because my heart seized up and I fell off the chair. Or maybe it was facebook. All I know is that it was dangerous.

  9. Sounds like a fab site, Tom! there is a Malaysian woman called Fairy Mahdzan who has a recipe for deep fried oreos on her Myindo website. All I could think was "Kenapa?" ("Why?" in Malaysian).

  10. Wow. I was sitting here starving, wondering which of the two of us in this household was going to cave first and get hungry enough to make dinner. Thanks, you just guaranteed that I'd win. That site is truly disgusting. Blech.

  11. It's been going around. In the one I've seen, the bacon weave is covered with 2 lbs of Italian Sausage, which is then covered in crumbled bacon. Then you smoke it (ref: in a smoker, not a bong), and slather it with BBQ sauce. This site has that confection with added cheese and egg, then wrapped in a croissant crust. You know, just to keep your hands clean. πŸ˜‰

  12. …not fair mister THomas—Car sez so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. (…a subliminal messitch!}

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