Things on Tuesday


  • It's cold.  Not Canada cold or Massachusetts cold or Minnesota cold, but it's Florida cold.  I'm in Florida, and I'm a cold wuss.  Of course, I'm still wearing shorts and a t-shirt, but my bare feet are cold. </whining>
  • My brain chemicals are all screwy the past few weeks.  I have decent days and horrible days.  Stupid Abyss.
  • I had to go out yesterday, and it was pouring rain.  First thing that happened when I started my truck? My windshield wiper blades completely disintegrated.  Yikes.


  • I can remedy the cold thing by closing my sliding-glass door.  There's zero chance I'll freeze to death or get frostbite, too. 
  • I have a doctor appointment Thursday to have my chemicals recalibrated.  Yay.
  • Also, I have two cats, one on either side of me, to keep me warm.
  • My house is immaculate, thanks to Pat the Cleaning Lady.  Yay, Pat!
  • I'm back on the night shift again.  I think part of my depression was having to get up and be at work at 0900.  My natural body cycle has me go to sleep around 0600, then wake up early afternoon.  Maybe if I lived in Hawaii or Guam, I'd be a day person. 
  • If I lived in Hawaii or Guam, I'd certainly not be cold right now. 
  • I could live in Australia or India, but there are deadly snakes covering every surface.
  • Okay, I'm exaggerating. 
  • Today is my Sunday.
  • Estella's pablanos rellenos with Carrie Saturday night.  Yum.
  • I got my tax refund.
  • The fact that zooplankton, which are tiny, look a lot like UFO's, which are huge:

As always, ten fingers, ten (cold) toes, one belly button, and a steady pulse.  Happy Tuesday!

PS: An example of Washington, DC, cold this morning (photo by my brother):

(I think he said that's called "snow," or something like that)

And, one way to stay warm here in frosty Florida (as modeled by Ana-Sofia Vargas):

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15 Responses to “Things on Tuesday”

  1. Oh the loverly cat toes!And, as for India being covered with poisonous snakes…I did see a man kill a Russell's Viper in his backyard while we were there. Yay for recalibrating chemicals! And yay for hanging in there until they get recalibrated. It's been a tough couple of weeks. We're getting another inch of snow on top of our couple of feet….of snow.I'm hacking and shivering and sorethroating and just got the Winter Creeping Crud….but I'm still optimisitic. ;)Thanks for your Things on Tuesday. I love the ten fingers, ten toes and a steady pulse thing!

  2. La Srta Vargas and Brother Wind are curled up in a warm kitten ball at the moment. Snuggling kittens are good for the chemicals also. 🙂

  3. Sorry, can't comment! Am being bitten repeatedly by the poisonous snakes covering every surface! Argh!

  4. Only from the land of egg-laying mammals. 😉 That's why Aussies are so cool: you are immune to all that snake and platypus and spider venom.

  5. I was going to say in response to a comment you left on one of my posts that if I lived in Florida, I would never feel like traveling anywhere else: but then winter had to hit you guys too. Damn. Whatever happened to global warming? I remember reading somewhere that the southern part of the U.S. would either be ripped apart by hurricanes or slowly baked into a desert by heat and drought. But instead, we all in the northern hemisphere are enduring one of the nastiest winters I've seen in my half-century of life. (Oops. I'm letting my age show.)

  6. hate to tell you this hawaii is very cold. gotten down to 60s even 50's one night. ive been sleeping in flannel. this morning i swear i needed gloves and a scarf

  7. Where are you in HI? I was on the big island one July, and it was cool and damp up in the mountains. Not ice on the windshield cold, but cold enough. For some reason, i thought you lived in Oregon. Oops. 🙂

  8. lol im on oahu, been here for the last ten years

  9. Um…I guess they both start with O. lol

  10. LOL are you on facebook?

  11. The Platypus does have spurs wot do bad things, but it isn't really commonly known as an attacking creatures. Most people regard seeing one as a bit of a cool thing. Fact.
    Drop bears on the other hand… They freak me right out and constitute the number one reason why I never go camping.

  12. If I were God, I'd make the platypus far more aggressive. And make them fly. The "drop bear?" It sounds like some sort of commando bear. Like the redbacks and king browns weren't enough.

  13. Yeah, i don't know what it's proper name is but that's it's colloquial one in any event. I believe it's a type of Koala. They like a particular type of eucalyptus tree – the apple box I think – and they have been known to either jump onto or fall onto people underneath. I think they get a bit high on the eucalyptus in the leaves. They're really solid too and can cause quite an injury.

  14. There are also burrowing species of drop bear, shockingly enough. And they can run up to 60 km/hr when chasing prey. It's a miracle anyone can live there. 😉

  15. Imagine if the two cross-bred!

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