The B-3 vs The Abyss

Today was yet another of "those days."  From the moment my alarm went off, I was in a vile mood.  I'd had weird-ass dreams–including zombies, for crying out loud–and I hadn't gotten much actual rest.  Plus, per normal when I'm in the Abyss, I kept waking up every 80 minutes or so. 

So I was tired and cranky to start with, and my morning at work was filled with angry clients.  I was ready to invoke the great philosopher Eric Cartman, and say "Screw you guys–I'm going home."

Ann Marie was hungry, and I figured I'd try to eat something, thus we ventured over to the company dining room.  The soup was something uninspiring, and they'd just sold out of the chicken and dressing hot meal, so I went to the sandwich bar.  I halfheartedly ordered a chicken salad wrap with sweet pickles, added a bottle of water and a bag of jalapeno potato chips.  I opened the wrap, ate the pickles, and scooped out some chicken salad with the chips.  Again, not feeling it.  The music today was all upbeat rock, stuff I normally would've fed off of and enjoyed: Tom Petty; Sweet's "Ballroom Blitz," "Midnight Hour," by Wilson Pickett. 


Ann Marie looked at me sadly: "You're really not feeling it today if you're not tripping on `Ballroom Blitz.'" She had to go into a meeting, so she was gathering her things when a lonely, melancholy sound came over the speakers.  I looked up at the speaker and sort of half-smiled. 

"What is this? I don't recognize it."
"Booker T and the MG's.  `Time is Tight.'"

She left, and I closed my eyes at the table.

It was like my emotions were bubbling up.  I didn't know whether to burst out laughing or cry; I couldn't quite manage either, but the song managed to move past my bad day, past my tiredness, past the grumpy clients, and it touched me somehow.

It's a simple song: great bassline, steady drums, guitar following the bass, then the Hammond B-3 organ comes in, sort of a lonely sound.  As the song progresses, the guitar comes in with a simple riff, and the B-3 blasts into shimmering crescendos. 

It's simple, kind of sad, but ultimately hopeful.  On my way back to my desk, I was able to smile at a friend.  And mean it. 

My chemicals are still off, my mood still sour, but that song helped steel me against my afternoon.  This wasn't a great day, by any stretch, but I made it through.  Psychotropic meds are great, but the biggest mood elevation I got was from a 475 lb box of wood and wires.  I wouldn't want to swallow one (and a suppository of that size and construction would be even more horrifying), but I'm grateful.

I never know what will pull me out when I'm down.  Sometimes it's a hug, a good conversation, hell, even ice cream.  Most often, nothing works.  Today, it was "Time is Tight."  Thanks, Booker T, Col Steve, Duck, and Al.  And God bless you Mr Hammond.

I'm off to fight the zombies or whatever unpleasantness will face me in my dreams tonight.  Damn skippy, I downloaded "Time is Tight."  Just in case I need it.

(here's a cool live version of the song, with a funny little film glitch.  Also funny is seeing CCR standing backstage, enthralled as the MG's play)

Booker T & the MG’s, "Time is Tight" (live)

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7 Responses to “The B-3 vs The Abyss”

  1. Here's to foul moods passing before they take up permanent residence. And a (hug)

  2. (back atcha) Thanks. 🙂

  3. Ahhh… Reminders of the Blues Brothers…

  4. That is a sweet little number; I've always liked it. The Clash do a pretty nice cover on Super Black Market Clash, if you haven't heard it.

  5. That is awesome. I found it here, and I'd definitely missed it. The sad thing about the Clash is a whole generation will only know them for "Rock the Casbah," ignoring all the really good music they did. (the "London Calling" album, eg).

  6. According to mainstream radio, The Clash had four songs:"London Calling""Rock the Casbah""Should I Stay or Should I Go""Train in Vain"If your DJ is REALLY cool, he might play their cover of "Police and Thieves" once a year. MIGHT.

  7. I understand the weight of depression all too well. It can be utterly paralyzing. Glad to hear you made it through the day and things got at least a bit better. kind hugs to you, kris

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