TO: Those terrorists responsible for the Mumbai attacks
FR: tom
DT: 27 November, 2008
RE: Your motivations

Here's the thing, assholes.  Pretty much everyone I know leads a fairly simple life.  We work.  We buy food, pay our bills, brush our teeth, park in designated areas, and follow label instructions.  Some of us go to various houses of worship to do whatever our faith dictates according to whichever God we accept.  Others of us are agnostic, or atheist, or just lazy. 

Bottom line, we take showers and put gas in our cars.  Or we take baths and ride the bus or the subway, or even walk.  We just live our little lives, generally not messing with anyone else. 

My question is, what in your tiny, diseased mind makes you kill people you don't even know? That eludes me.  I can understand killing a specific person–somebody who wronged you, or maybe a leader. 

Nah, that's not true.  I can't really understand that either.  Do you think people will look favorably upon you for your killings? Do you think your Deity will welcome you with a parade, just because He/She/It is so pleased with you?

I can't imagine any Deity would be happy with you.  I can't fathom how you can be so fucking stupid as to imagine there's a higher grace to random murder.  I'm not the most religious person on this rock, but I'll say this.  I hope there really is a God, and that you meet Him/Her/It when you die.  I hope that this God spits in your face, and remands you to be eternally deep-fried in Hell.  I hope you're pulled out every so often, then put back, just to keep the pain fresh.

No.  Actually, I guess I don't.  That's what separates me from you: I don't really want anyone to suffer unnecessarily.  Not even worthless sacks of effluvia like you.  

One of my favorite people lives in Mumbai.   I love her like I love all my friends.  My friends are good people, even the lunatics and hedonists among us.  We lead our lives.  That's not good enough for you.  You had to make a point, to kill people in the name of making the world better? Is that it? Are your dicks so tiny, your self-images so horrid, your inner-children so petulant that you needed to prove yourself? Did you need attention? Did you need somebody to notice you?

We noticed.  We now hate you.  I wouldn't give a squirt of piss for your souls right now.  Even if there is no actual "lake of fire" hell, there's something hellishly wrong inside of you.  Do us all a favor, eh? Next time, just kill yourselves.  At least then we might have some little kernel of sympathy when we read about it.  Today, we'll just be secretly–or not so secretly–glad when you die. 

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7 Responses to “WTF?”

  1. "Do us all a favor, eh? Next time, just kill yourselves"
    Erm… but they are…
    Problem is … I think… IMHO, it's so hard not for individual lines not to cross. If everything we did did not have an impact on other people, everybody could leave everybody else alone… but that's not possible. It's not as simple as crossing somebody else's line physically as in intrusion of personal space or something like that. But somehow even just by walking down the road say … erm… bobbing my head along to Aerosmith minding my own business walking along the road might just be enough to piss off someone a lot. Heck. The way I talk in my own slang ever made a guy so mad he said he wanted to slap me across my face. Nobody in the room could figure out why (as we all sat in stunned silence) but his sentiment was real! So … I dunno… people are strange.
    I don't support terrorism. Heck I don't even support organised religion. But I always see this crossing of individual lines as always resulting in any kind of conflict. Am I making any sense? If I'm not, please excuse me… I am drinking more beer…

  2. I got home from the most perfect day ever yesterday only to pull up the internet and CNN and see what looked like 9/11 all over again, but this time to a fancy hotel.
    Some people are extremely f***** up in this world. I don't get it either. And even though I don't exactly believe in the Hell, they really, really deserve to go there.
    Killing innocent people can never be justified…Well I don't think that killing anyone at all can be justified.
    And the attacks are still going on today? This is just terrible.

  3. It all depends on their motivations. If these people want to start a war between India and "neighboring nations who would harbor these criminals", this is a good way to do it. A tiny number of civilian deaths (compared to what's GOING to happen), a couple dozen guns and boxes of ammo, and ta daa! International tension and itchy trigger fingers. War is a frighteningly simple equation. The US started two wars because some buildings were knocked down.

  4. Ugh. It is all jsut so bloody stupid. What do they think they are going to achieve for their "cause" anyway? One of my colleagues has a daughter working in Mumbai at present. Fortunately because it happened at night, she was home in bed in another part of the city. All those poor people sleeping in the station at night though …. Just makes my blood boil.

  5. Horrible. And mind numbing. But, I can see them trying to cause a war. That one makes sense. Let's just hope the leaders of India and Pakistan can rise above and communicate well and quickly so war does NOT happen. Why should the evil people who planned this terrorism be given that satisfaction or ANY satisfaction???

  6. It is definitely a terrible thing that happened.

  7. There are so many people who are dead and the one terrorist captured doesn't even regret it.I hope your friend is fine.

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