A Few Friday Notes

As part of my weekend activities, I shall have the thrilling opportunity to purchase gasoline.  For the first time in many moons, it will likely be possible to fill the USS Nimitz (my truck) for less than $50.  This is awesome, but I refuse to get overly excited.  Yes, it's far better than paying $4 a gallon, as we were not too long ago, but it's still a dollar more than it was when The Incumbent took over.  Because something sucks less than it did doesn't necessarily mean it's ideal.

It would be like bringing home 50,000 troops from Iraq.  Yes, it's better that we have them coming home, but it's still not as ideal as it was before there were any troops there. 

The sad part is that this global ennui contradicts how I feel in my personal world.  If I have a day where I only need two Advil instead of four, I consider it a good day. 

Today's a four Advil day, but that's okay.  I'm able to walk and move and feel relatively normal.  I have friends and a job and a home, which is more than some folks have, and I have 50 bucks to put into my gas tank.  My chemicals are fairly well balanced, all things considered, and if they aren't, my employers pay for doctors and pharmacies to balance them.  Life is good.

Even if I don't celebrate too loudly that gas is less overpriced than it was.

This afternoon, when I went to pick up what could be my last radio paycheck, there was a raccoon eating out of a trashcan.  This is not unusual–the masked little buggers get into the garbage every night.  The unusual part was that this was at 2:30 in the afternoon.  I don't know if the critter (grin) was rabid, misguided, or just really hungry.  Either way, he was enjoying some McDonald's.  The raccoon basically eats whatever is in the can without being unduly picky.  Today, it looked like he was getting his McNugget on.  Tomorrow, it might be half a muffin, or Lord knows what else.  I guess some days I feel like a raccoon picking through the garbage can of life, just enjoying the blessings and good things that happen to be there each day.

I'm going to get a mask.

Happy Friday, fellow raccoons.


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11 Responses to “A Few Friday Notes”

  1. Happy Friday, Ricky!Every move I make is accompanied by a symphony of moans and groans. It's achy joints and stiff muscles for me. What's your advil for?Cute raccoon. Just keep him away from my chickens!!!Have a good day, tom!

  2. Wow. Are raccoons just everywhere there like cats and dogs?

  3. Raccoons in Florida? Do they lounge around next to the beach with Corona beers? Do they build their nests in palm trees and their babies grow up wearing Ray-Bans instead of masks?Makes me feel sorry for the little buggers around here. We've had three days of freezing rain and snow this week and you can tell the raccoons are getting a little desperate. They've started raiding the dumpster behind the college cafeteria near my house. Hope you feel better.

  4. Obviously, I think the raccoon was responding to the recession. It was just getting what it could, where it could. Times are rough for raccoons, you know. People are actually eating their leftovers instead of throwing them away.

  5. raccooooooons! they're so cute. 🙂

  6. Raccoons are fascinating to watch. I've come up my stairs at 0100 before, though, just as one was coming down the stairs. He sort of rolled his eyes and went down the other stairs. Some weeks, my lower body feels great. Other weeks, it feels like I still haven't gotten 100% back from after the hospital/recuperation thing. Still, I'm happy not to be stuck in that damn bed, so if it takes a few Advil some days, I'll wince with a smile on my face.

  7. Raccoons are pretty widespread in this part of Florida, but I doubt most people ever see them. They come out at night, the one in the pic notwithstanding, and do their scavenging then. Also, if any animal is going to get rabid, it's the raccoon. They are amazing to watch.

  8. They do have a thing about palm trees, although I've only seen them in their work uniforms. Maybe they're really seagulls during the day.

  9. Cori, you have an astute political mind. (no offense, of course) ;-)Previously, I had not thought about the recessionary impact on raccoon feeding habits. I promise to pick up a little something for the raccoons next time I'm at McDonald's.

  10. You hit the nail on the head. Yup. Not right but still could have been worse. Man, I think after you've had to compromise so much, you just feel grateful when you're being allowed to compromise.
    But then again, I try not to think about that… 😀 And look hard at your raccoon pic instead 🙂

  11. Raccoons are interesting animals, to be sure. I hope you stick to the lovely lepidoptera. Leave the trashcan raccoons to artless eyes like mine, and our cameraphones.

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