Halloween…BOO: Mixed Candy

  • For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had
    ." (John 5:4 KJV)
  • Over the years, I think that passage has been mistranslated.  It should read, "Several times a day, a big, elegant cat goes to the water bowl, and troubles the water.  Then he slaps it up into his mouth, and walks on his human, frightening him with a cold soggy paw."
  • Although, I wish I were fast enough to climb into the water bowl before the water became as untroubled as the cat who troubled it.  (Stupid size 15 feet)
  • The only evidence to support that Wind is an angel would be that he is the sweetest cat I've ever known. 
  • And he shits brimstone. Gah!
  • I VOTED TODAY! I have never considered myself to be a member of any particular party–I've always voted for the candidate.  Often, there are races wherein I have no real knowledge of the candidates.  In these situations, I read the endorsements of various local publications, analyze their analyses, and vote accordingly.
  • That said, I ended up voting for five Republicans and four Democrats.  Most of the Reps were in local and state races (School Board, Property appraiser, etc), and the local progressive paper recommended them. (If they endorse a Republican, there must be a good reason)
  • Number of those Republicans named either McCain or Palin: zero
  • Of all the Presidential campaigns I can remember with any clarity, this one seems to be the most talked-about.  Not in the media–Lord knows the media have yammered since back when angels troubled pools for lepers–but among actual people.  It seems like everyone I talk to feels a sense of urgency about this election, about whom we select as our next president.
  • I hope the next one returns sufficient dignity to the office that I'll capitalize the word "president" again.
  • One of McCain's attack ads talks about Obama's lack of "executive experience." The gist is, "Do you really want him to face his first executive challenge HERE?" (in the Oval Office) 
  • There is no job on this planet that adequately prepares one to be president.  None.  I have a squishy magnetic beaver on my desk; the president has nuclear launch codes that could incinerate the planet.  And that's just one thing.  To me, the best qualification one can have is the ability to learn quickly, the intelligence to absorb new situations and information and react properly under extreme pressure.  I don't see how being senator from Arizona carries any more executive responsibility than being a senator from Illinois, unless Senator McCain absorbed some "executive experience" from his buddy Charles Keating (remember the Lincoln Savings and Loan? Three BILLION dollar government bailout, and that was in 1989 dollars). 
  • In all fairness, McCain was not censured by the Senate Ethics Committee–they just said he'd used "poor judgment." Hey, as long as you're only interfering on behalf of a corrupt banker because of "poor judgment," then you're okay in my book.  Better to be stupid than corrupt, right?
  • Sorry.  Bad judgment is bad judgment, whether it's being part of the Keating Five, picking a winking, moose-gutting knothead succubus to be your running mate, or advising your old friend Napoleon to go into battle at Waterloo.
  • I grew up listening to classic rock.  Sadly, most of the "classic rock" on the radio today is exactly the same as the "classic rock" when I was a kid.  The sadder thing is that I'm so burned out on most of it, that I just turn it off.
  • The exception is Led Zeppelin.  "Kashmir" was on the radio last night, and I blasted the crap out of it.  "The Hammer of the Gods" indeed–what a great sound.
  • If I had to pick the best drummer around, I'd make a case for Steve Gadd. 
  • If I had to pick the drummer I'd most like to emulate, it'd be John Bonham.  Boom-BOOM-Boom-boom-BOOM! The guy was a monster genius who hit 'em hard.
  • The world would be a much better place today if John Bonham had lived the past 28 years instead of a few other people I could name. 
  • Happy Halloween! 

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5 Responses to “Halloween…BOO: Mixed Candy”

  1. At the risk of becoming an outcast, sent away for the shame I have bought upon my Vox family, Who is John Bonham? I like Bon Scott, hes pretty 80's and he DIED, which makes him even cooler as far as rock and or roll people go (Jimmi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Michael Hutchins, Kurt Whathisface from Nirvana) all seem cooler cause they died and so every one appreciates them more. "Dont know whatcha got til its gone"I'm rambling, I appologise.

  2. Emma, Emma: you'll never be an outcast in my zone. :-)John Bonham was the drummer for Led Zeppelin. He died in 1980 at age 32 after drinking 40 shots of vodka and inhaling his own vomit as he slept. He was the biggest and baddest rock drummer around.

  3. i can't wait until election season is OVAH.happy halloween to you, too 😀

  4. Congrats on fulfilling your patriotic duty!

  5. Happy Halloween, Tom!

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