Only 354 More Hours

I've been trying to write something all night, and I've been having trouble.  Thus, I'll just kind of meander a bit.  Bear with me, if you can.

Saturday will be my one year Voxiversary.  Between October 25, 2007 and the new year, I wrote 51 posts.  This June alone, I wrote 54. 

That's really irrelevant, except to say that I've loved getting to know my Vox friends and neighbors, as well as getting your reactions to my ideas and blatherings.  Both the reading and the writing parts of this year have been rewarding. 

One thing I've noticed the past few weeks especially is that everybody seems to be watching to see what happens two weeks from today.  November 4th is election day, of course, and Americans will select our next President.  We have two vibrant candidates, and a lot of passionate rhetoric on either side.  The debate has been spiri

Know what? I can't do it.  As the lovely and earthy Edie Brickell sang, "I quit.  I give up."

This only thing that feels more interminable than this damn election is the damn Presidency that will end next January 20th.  I have all these points and factoids waiting for me to forge them into brilliant commentary, but I'm not feeling brilliant.  I could talk about my prime-time Monday night campaign ad count: (Obama ran seven ads, three negative and four positive; McCain ran only two, one of each).  I could talk about how even the nastiest ads in the 2008 race pale in comparison to this LBJ ad from 1964.  I could count up the number of friends who say they don't know what they'll do if ________ wins.

What we'll do, I suspect, is wake up November 5th, shake our heads in disappointment, then take a shower, let the dog out, make some coffee, and go off to work or school, or take care of our kids.  Whatever we do.

I talked to a client Sunday night.  Looking over her file, I saw that she'd been with us since September 9th, 2001.  What a different world that was.  We were reeling after a messy election.  The economy was slowing down after the optimistic over-performance of the Clinton years, and I remember Dubaya took a 45 day vacation to his Crawford ranch.  The big story was Chandra Levy's disappearance.  That all changed.  This country was scared and angry and hurt.  We needed a leader to bring us back into focus.  We got a fruitless war in Afghanistan, then invaded a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.  We're still there.  How many billions of dollars have we spent there?

Gasoline is down to $2.77 a gallon, and people are excited.  I refuse to get excited over gas that's "down" to twice what it was eight years ago.  Yeah, it's better than $4 a gallon, but still wrong.

While I was trying to write this, I listened to a documentary on LBJ.  That man was a politician.  He did some great, difficult things that flew in the face of his Southern Democrat mentors.  He didn't care. 

LBJ gave way to a documentary on the civil rights movement.  I heard somebody say how he would rather die than have his kids go to school with "nigras." That's so foreign to me, but that segregation affected friends of mine. 

Now, it's selections read from the cheery diaries of Joseph Goebbels, Hitler's Karl Rove.  Undamnbelievable.  Change the accent, and I wonder if they'd resemble Rove's words, or Scooter Libby's. 

This world will go on, regardless of who wins two weeks hence.  It survived Hitler.  It survived the Great Depression (or, as Jon Stewart half-joked, "Soon to be known as the First Great Depression: GD1.").  It even survived a world where little black kids and little white kids sit in classrooms together.  By God, we've even made it through seven years, ten months, and one day with the jackass currently occupying the White House.

Jimmy Carter, possibly the most politically inept President of the 20th Century, came up with the so-called "misery index." He asked voters whether they were better off in 1976 than they'd been before the Nixon/Ford term.  That got him elected in a squeaker.  It bit him in his ass four years later when Reagan threw that question out.  Nobody was better off in 1980 than in 1976.  The country was in a shambles. 

We survived. 

I think the Republicans know better than to ask that question today.  "Are you better off now than you were in 2001?"

Oh, HELL no! Other than not drinking myself to death anymore, no, no, a thousand times, no.  And McCain had the audacity to run an ad talking about how tough the past eight years have been, and how a vote for him is a vote for real change. 

But a change for what? A change TO what?

Again, "I quit. I give up."

Happy Tuesday.  

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5 Responses to “Only 354 More Hours”

  1. I never like politics but anyway Happy One Year Voxiversary!!

  2. What you said. Except depending on how things turn out, I may be joining a friend in wearing all black on January 20 depending on the "winner" of this election. I'm not so sure being president after the past nearly 8 years of WTF is a win or not.We have such short memories, we cockroaches.

  3. man. i totally forgot about that edie brickell song. love that one.happy voxiversary 🙂

  4. I love reading your entries. Always interesting, thought-provoking, and poignant.
    I'd love to know how you stopped drinking. I realize that is an extremely personal subject, but if you're ever up to it, I'd like to hear the story. It's something I'm struggling with, and lately it's like I've been sitting in the passenger seat and watching it make a mess of my life, which has all the makings of a life that could be really great…

  5. It feels as if everyone in the country is holding their breath.

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