Guy recipe

A great guy recipe:

1- pork roast or bunch of pork ribs
2- bags of fresh sauerkraut

Put pork in Crock Pot.  Dump kraut on top.  Replace lid.  Turn Crock Pot on.  Go to work.  Come home. Remove lid.  Eat.*

Meat: yes
Green Vegetables: none
Fiber: a little
Belch factor: 9/10
Flatulence indicator: 8.2/10
Yummy: yes
Good with beer: absolutely
Number of dishes to wash: 1 pot, 1 lid

*-note: eat the food in the Crock Pot.  Do NOT eat the lid.

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5 Responses to “Guy recipe”

  1. not a fan of sauerkraut, but this is hilarious

  2. this sounds great. all i need is a crock pot.

  3. It's indispensable, mostly foolproof, and it's awesome to come home to the smell of kraut and pork.

  4. Doesn't kraut count as a vegetable??? a somewhat whitish one, but still? There's definitely fibers in it. I know you probably want to UP the flatulence indicator, but if somebody else would like to lower it, cumin seeds are supposed to do that…

  5. Kraut officially counts as a vegetable, rich in flatulence-intensive cabbage and burpalicious vinegar. Sadly, it has an un-guylike healthy component, too: 25% of the daily requirement for vitamin C, and lots of B6, fiber, and other stuff. At least it's not brocolli. 😉

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