Day One: An uneasy quiet

Brother Wind arrived here at 1015 this morning.  He's a beautiful 8 year-old tuxedo cat, and Ana-Sofia Vargas' new brother. 

A friend couldn't keep him anymore, and I've been wanting to get Ana-Sofia a brother or sister, just so she wouldn't be lonely while I'm away working 8 kabillion hours.  Ana-Sofia's curious about the new arrival, deferential and kind.  She's squeaking in an even higher register than usual, but she's not cowering or anything. 

Wind is a bit, um, agitated? He was growling and hissing in his cage when Ann Marie brought him.  He's been with her since he was a kitten, and frankly I would probably growl myself if you crammed me into a cage, then put me into a car with a four year-old and drove me down Ulmerton Road.  No points off.  He's taken up position beneath my end table, where he's lying there, looking un-relaxed, and occasionally issuing forth a gutteral noise. 

He'll be fine.  Ana-Sofia is keeping a good-natured eye on him.  I think she knows she's still the mistress of the domain, and Wind will be fine.  I expect there will be little flare-ups in the beginning, but things will settle.  This is not a frantic environment.  It's peaceful, serene.  I keep it that way, because I'd lose my mind were it not true.  Ann Marie went out on the balcony and smoked, gushing over the view of Lake Tom.  The tilapia were swimming languidly, and a pair of white ibises plucked bugs from the shore. 

There was just a tense exchange in the other room.  It lasted less than a second.  Again, it will be okay.

I wish I could fast-forward through the next day or two till Wind relaxes a bit and feels more at home.  He's welcome here.  He's part of our little outfit now.  

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12 Responses to “Day One: An uneasy quiet”

  1. Brother Wind is a beautiful name. is it newly minted or did he already had it?tuxie boys are lovely and cavalier; congrats on the addition to your little family.

  2. Welcome to the family, Wind! In a few weeks, it will be as if you had no other life. Especially the part where there aren't any 4 year-olds around 😉

  3. His given name is Wind, but I embellished. He's not growling as much, just when Ana-Sofia goes over to investigate. Of course, as I wrote that, there was an explosion of activity from the other room. They're sitting there glaring at each other now. Thank GOD I have to work tonight.

  4. Awww, they're fighting.'Cause that's what siblings DO!

  5. Aww…They'll get along soon. I'm glad Ana-Sophia seems to be receptive of a new cat in the house. Keep us updated!

  6. I thought at first you were using a metaphor for the hurricane, heh. Hope Wind is nothing like that, though. Eliza, my little hurricane, spent almost two months behind the stove when she first came to our house. But we also had a self-assured old tomcat back then who would casually knock Eliza to the ground and put his paw on top of her, causing her to scream as if he was eating her alive. Ana-Sofia sounds nothing like this, so Wind should have a much easier transition. Nice you have a new addition to the family! Hope you get enough time off to enjoy both kitties.

  7. Yay! That's great. We've decided that when Ed goes back to work, we will get Stella a sibling. So she's not home alone all day. 🙂
    Can't wait to see pictures of Wind!

  8. It's so wonderful that you could help your friend out and give Brother Wind a new home.
    If you want a tip, to acclimate a cat to a new home with another cat, it can be helpful to sequester the new arrival in one room (like a bedroom or bathroom) for a day or two, the cats will likely sniff each other under the door, and if you feed them on either side of the door, they will associate the smell of the other cat with a good thing, like food. Occasionally switching them over lets the cat explore the other cat's smell in the other space without any potential animosity from the other.
    This doesn't mean they'll fall all over with love once they are in the same room, but it could help Brother Wind's stress level. Right now he's adjusting to a whole new house, AND a whole new cat at the same time. The one-room time also gives him time to get used to your place a little more incrementally.
    For what it's worth.

  9. Thanks for the tip. I wish I'd thought to do that earlier. Unfortunately, I don't really have lots of rooms in my bachelor batcave. Too bad Meow Mix doesn't make a cat formula brandy so they could mellow out. Then again, Ana-Sofia would probably shiv Brother Wind.
    She's doing better than I thought. Occasionally, he growls at her in the wrong tone, and she chases him. I'll see if I can isolate him in the bathroom before work tomorrow.

  10. Brother Wind is a beautiful name, as befitting a brave Native warrior. Looking forward to pics!

  11. Congratulations on the latest addition! I assume Ana-Sofia will be teaching him to blog soon. I thought you named him Wind because he might have a tendency to pass, err, wind. 🙂

  12. Load 'em up with catnip and get out the video camera! 😉

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