Aww, hell. Not the cone of tropical unpleasantness again.

As the song goes, "They call it stormy Monday, but Tuesday's just as bad."  I'm waving to you, from right under the yellow spot for 8pm Tuesday. 

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8 Responses to “Aww, hell. Not the cone of tropical unpleasantness again.”

  1. Stay dry, Tom!

  2. Hope all of your stuff is nailed down. And Ana Sofia and you have taken cover. Jeez, I realize Florida is right in the Tropical Storm triangle, but you guys don't ever get a break!

  3. Do you have a basement to hide in?

  4. Ugh. Don't blow away please.

  5. Jeez, at least this one doesn't look like a big beast of a storm like have hit the peninsula in the past. You're gonna get soaked, Tom…sorry about that but, hell, you live in FLA what do you expect? Or, you could just go surfing in Clearwater (which you could never do without a storm!). Take care…..

  6. Eek! Keep yourself safe!

  7. be safe young Tom and get out your wellington boots.

  8. Were you here in 2004 when we had four? Blech. Fay doesn't look to be too bad. The storms I've been through (except for Kate when I was at FSU) have been more nuisances than anything. My apartment invariably loses power for 24 hours. In mid-summer Florida, living without even a fan really sucks.

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