Twenty-one Wednesday words

Words that amuse me at 0317 EDT on a summer Wednesday morning (best if read aloud):

  1. Lassitude
  2. Pogrom
  3. Supple
  4. Smarmy
  5. Canberra
  6. Mouse Powder (only in that combination)
  7. Infusion
  8. Stultifying
  9. Melange
  10. Assuage
  11. Ambitious ambidextrous Amber ambled ambivalently.  (Amber is the turkey; the others are side dishes)
  12. Stratofortress
  13. Radish
  14. Peptostreptococcus
  15. Alohomora
  16. Pawtucket
  17. Vociferous
  18. Commiserate
  19. Commensurate (We'll pay you to commiserate, commensurate with your abilities)
  20. Tintinnabulation 
  21. Frohliche Mittwoch

Hooray words!

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24 Responses to “Twenty-one Wednesday words”

  1. The word "tintinnabulation" makes my ears ring. 😉

  2. Mouse Powder?*lol*And Alohomora? We're doing Harry Potter words? And medical words to, it seems… you have a very interesting brain.

  3. Pawtucket is the cradle of the Industrial Revolution. Have some reverence.(And pronounce it "p'TUCKit" for God's sake.)

  4. When I was young and unedumacated, I was sitting in the right field cheap seats at Fenway, watching the Bosox annihilate the KC Royals. I said something to my friend about a young prospect down in PAW-tuckit. I was chastened and ungently corrected. I have said p'TUCK'et ever since, always with extreme reverence, the same reverence I hold for the city herself.

  5. It was late, and I just started thinking of words. Unlike most people, I don't discriminate on the basis of relevance or reality. Alohomora is a lovely word, and "mouse powder" is strangely fun to say. When I was in college, a friend once got stoned and was just getting hysterical saying "bean dip" over and over. "Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean diPP" (snort, giggle, repeat) (note: I swear it wasn't me!)(full disclosure: I was there, laughing madly along though)(but of course, *serious cough* I was not involved in any sort of illegal act–oh, hell, I was baked, too, but Jeff was saying "bean dip" like a high idiot.) 😉

  6. Vociferous is a great word! I feel like a count when I say it, or Richard E Grant; that kind of accent. I really don't like the word Stroganoff but I couldn't say why.

  7. Nice image! David Letterman had a top ten list once called "Ten Words that sound better when said by James Earl Jones." One of them was "mellifluous." It's a great word anyway, but when King Mufasa says it, it's spectacular.
    The word that freaks people out seems to be "moist." No way to say that one nicely.

  8. Canberra? Why is that a hooray word? Mouse Powder I can understand… But Canberra? Is it because its the only place (That I know of) that has legalized pot?

  9. Can't think of anything too amusing about Canberra and I lived there for 5 years. (think Adelaide has more lax pot laws).

  10. Thanks for the comments, Em and Emu. I just think Canberra is fun to say.Okay, it was amusing to me at 20 till four this morning. I haven't smoked pot since college, nor have I been closer to Canberra than Hilo, HI. I just like the word. Adelaide, to be fair, is fun, too–kind of yodely. 😉

  11. You need a more detailed map of Australia, Tom. Actually lots more hilarious place names than that! My favourite at the moment is Gulargambone but I am also quite partial to Tumbarumba. the place I grew up in was called Murrumbeena and my cousins live in Tallangatta.

  12. Ooh, I like Tumbarumba! Here in Florida, we have all manner of fun city names from the Seminole Indians: Kissimmee, Miccosukee, Wewahitchka, but there's nowhere nicer than Niceville. When I went to FSU (in Tallahassee), we were near Havana, Florida, and Cairo, Georgia. Of course, they were pronounced "HAY-Vanna" and "CAY-ro," but still…Words are fun.

  13. You rawk, Suga. 😉

  14. I like the sound of Niceville! We have a Texas and a Roma in Queensland and a Manila in NSW. I have only been to Texas of these three – it is very small.

  15. So there's a Texas, Queensland, and we have a Paris, Texas?

  16. And we have a Paris Creek in South Australia!

  17. There is also a Miami in Queensland, I just discovered.

  18. My mother lives in Tumbarumbar, I swear to God, Thats hilarious!

  19. Ha ha. I have only ever been past the turn off when driving along the Hume Hwy to visit my rellies at Wodonga and Tallangatta via Woomargama. Have resisted the temptation to turn off though.

  20. It's a great word anyway, but when King Mufasa says it, it's spectacular. You mean 'darth vader'

  21. Yeah, him too. I loved when he did the bumpers for CNN: "THIS, is CNN."
    Yes, it is.
    One of the most awesome things in film is his solilloquy in "Field of Dreams": People will come, Ray. People will most definitely come.

  22. I've been to Paris, Texas (…but I've never been to meee…..) and I'll tell ya, it's the shits. Not much there at all, except for a time-warp town square that looks eerily like the set of Back to the Future.

  23. It looked pretty desolate in the Wim Wenders film, "Paris, Texas." Of course, anyplace with Harry Dean Stanton looks a little forlorn.Five points to Gryffindor for the Charlene reference.

  24. You mean "Thulsa Doom".Don't mess with a guy who eats people stew and can turn into a giant snake.

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