Isaac Hayes, you were one baaaad muthah



R.I.P. Isaac Hayes: musician, composer, singer, inventor of disco, Grammy and Oscar-winner, and best of all, Chef on South Park.  He was 65. 

(for the whole story…)


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10 Responses to “Isaac Hayes, you were one baaaad muthah”

  1. Shut yo mouth!
    It's been a rough weekend for comedy and entertainment in general, huh?

  2. You said that. Anyone can march to a different drummer. Ike marched to a very different drummer, with lots of high-hat, plus a wah-wah guitar, and horns, and oh that voice…

  3. Crap.
    As Priest Maxi himself once said: "The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Sometimes the giveth seems a little disproportionate to the taketh. There seems to be a lot more takething going on, but there it is."

  4. I didn't know he had died! Shocking.On a totally different note and probably not too appropriate, I made the Honey Bars from the recipe you posted on your blog recently… I definitely advise making them (well.. maybe not 'advise' but suggest?)…they are really, really tasty. I'm currently eating them with a cup of tea. There may be some left for someone else if I don't eat 'em all but it's not likely :o)

  5. Great quote. Definitely too much takething.

  6. I'm so glad you enjoyed them, A. As far as propriety goes, I definitely think Isaac Hayes would like honey bars. They're soothing to the soul, but strangely addictive. I guess one of the joys of living alone is not having to share your tasty baked goods, unless you darned well want to. ;-)(except with Steve, of course–Ms Vargas reminded me to point that out (she's a big Steve fan))

  7. NOOOOO! So sad. However, I was quite disappointed that he quit South Park because they made fun of Scientology, especially since he had no issues when they made fun of other religions.But damn. This is sad.

  8. Major loss, feels like.

  9. […] Via tom I hear that Isaac Hayes, mentioned just yesterday in this space, has passed away at […]

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